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Conchita, 3 decades opposite the WHITEHOUSE

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Have you ever known about Conchita Martín in Washington DC? She is actually an anti-nuclear protester and she has been protesting opposite The White House since 1981. She can speak several languages, specially Spanish and English. She is from the North of Spain, Vigo (La Coruña), she got married with an American and they had a daughter. Some years later, she was abandoned by her husband and daughter. From that moment onwards, she started protesting opposite the White House. Conchita has a special tent, some food and that's all. She never celebrates Christmas, goes on holidays, ... she's actually a bit crazy, but really kind with tourists, specially with Spanish. If you go there, you can talk to her, she will show you some propaganda papers, she strongly defends her beliefs. Obviously, Conchita is respected and has met every president of the United States, as a matter of fact, she is the president's neighbour.
Now, I encourage you to watch these videos, you'll see and understand Conchita better.


Hi, Guys!,

Washington DC, as many other American cities, is really famous due to the American movies. So, I suppose you watch Lincoln Memorial thanks to The Simpsons or the film Forrest Gump.

This is the capital of the United States since 16th July in 1790. Washington DC is located on the country's Pacific coast, on the north of the Potomac River and surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia. There are many interesting museums, interesting historical sites such as The National Mall where you could see the the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The Reflecting Pool, The National Archives (where you could see The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights); besides, the Capitol and the White House.
Thus, if you watch the following videos, you can know Watshington DC better. I hope you'll like it!

RIO DE JANEIRO, 10 things you need to know

Hi, there!,

As you well know, there are many places and cities that I'd like to go and see! But in the meanwhile, all of us can travel using internet! If you want to "travel" and improve your listening, just take a breath and enjo
y this video about RIO DE JANEIRO, in South America, Brazil, famous because of its fantastic beaches, such as Copacabana, Carnival, beautiful scenery, ... let's see ...

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GoSSiP GiRLs, TV WorKSheeT

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Thanks to my dearest pupil, Manuel Navarro, we can enjoy this TV worksheet based on the America

1. Link.

2. Information about the characters.
Serena van der Woodsen: she is Lily's daughter and Eric is her brother. She fall out Blair because Serena deceived her with the Blair`s boyfriend. Due to that, Serena left her city.

Blair Waldorf: Serena's friend until she was deceived by her boyfriend and Serena. In this episode she tries to take revenge on her.

Dan Humphrey: he is Rufus` son and he was Serena`s boyfriend. His family isn`t rich and his parents are separated. His siter is Jenny.

Nate Archibald: his family is quite rich and they have influence on him. He is Chuck`s best friend.

Chuck Bass: his family is quite rich and he is rude and selfish. He is Nate`s friend.

Lily van der Woodsen: she is the mother of Eric and Serena.

Eric van der Woodsen: he is Lily`s son and Serena is his sister. He tried to commit suicide and now he is in a rehab`s center.

Rufus Humphrey: he is Dan and Jenny`s father. He is separated and he tries help to Dan. He is a musician.

3. Listening and Comprehension:
a) Questions:
1. What is the disadvantage of the millionaire`s children?
2. Why is Serena late to the assembly?
3. Where is Serena going after class?
4. Why is Eric in the Ostroff center?
5. Why is the Ostroff`s doctor going to the party?
6. Who does Nate run to?
7. Why does Blair know where Serena is?
8. Why didn`t Blair send her letter to Serena?
9. What does Nate happen during the episode?
10. Who call to Nate? Why?

d) Dialogue(30 to 35 minutes).
Lily: Please tell me this isn't happening.
Eric: It's not.
Serena: No.No, you're not going up there. You're gonna stay right ______(1), okay?
Lily: What ever you're doing, think about who's standing in this room right now.
Blair: Don't try to deny it.Chuck saw you.
Serena: Hi! I'm Serena van der Woodsen. I just wanna thank my friend, Blair Waldorf, for recognizing the Ostroff center and all of the good things that they do. Thanks, Blair. At the center, one of the ______(2) things that we learn is forgiveness.
Dan: She's in rehab?
Jenny: No, it's not her. It's her _______(3) who's there.
Dan: What? Jenny: You can't tell anyone, okay?
Dan: I won't, but why is she doing this?
Serena: I've learned _____(4) how, in order to move forward with our future, we must forgive those who have wronged us in the past, and we must, ourselves, ask for forgiveness from those whom we've wronged. Without this forgiveness, innocent people get hurt. Blair: All right, thank you, Serena. Thank you.Thank you.
Gossip girl: Honesty may be the best policy in some zip codes, but not in this one, and not this week, because "I was a teenage ______(5) addict" is not exactly a winning college essay.

4 Blair: And now can I please have dr.Ostroff join me on stage?
Lily: Why is Blair outing you for a drug problem that you don't have? You don't, do you?
Serena: Mom! Lily: Well, it's not like we have some ______(6), open relationship. Serena: And that's my _______(7)?
Lily: Look, what's happened to Eric has put a huge strain on our family, but we are still a family. Serena: Why do you think I did what I just did? Will you excuse me? I'm gonna go end this with Blair now. Blair,what the hell was that?
Blair: Will you excuse us, please?
Boy: Sure.
Serena: So we good now? Are we square?
Blair: No, because nothing I do will ever be as bad as what you did to me.
Serena: Look, I'm asking you,please. I'll _______(8) if you will stop it.
Blair: You're just saying that because today you lost, and you're gonna keep losing. Now if you'll excuse me,unlike you, I have a future to get back to.
Dan: Serena. Serena! Serena: What? What, do you want to congratulate me on _________(9) my future?
Dan: No, no. To ask if you're okay, because what you did in there for your brother, that was... that was very cool.
Serena: Wait, how did you know about my brother?
Dan: It's okay. Really, no one will ever hear it from me, but if you ever ______(10) anybody to talk to, or not talk to, I'd be happy to do either.
Serena: I'll keep that in _____(11).
Dan: And, um, I know I said some things about you and your world, and I' sorry. Obviously, I don't know anything about __________(12). Serena: Thank you, but I've really got to get out of here.
Dan: Yeah, sure, sure.

5 Serena: But... maybe, you know,I can take you up on that getting _______(13) and not talking thing sometime? Will you call me?
Dan: Yeah.
Lily: Okay, let's go.Let's get out of here.
Eric: No, there's someone I need to talk to ____(14). Please, mom,I can do this. Okay. Blair, can I talk to you? It'll just take a moment.
Blair: Sure.Sure.
Eric: Serena's not a patient at the Ostroff center.
Blair: Eric, you've always been a sweet kid, and I can understand you are trying to protect your sister.
Eric: I am. Blair: I've never even seen you take a drink.
Eric: I'm not an alcoholic. I did this. And today, serena ________(15) me. Blair: Eric, I...I didn't...
Eric: See that coming?Yeah. Oh, it must be a shock for someone who thinks she knows everything.

4. Vocabulary:
a) What do these words mean?
1. chain saw: motosierra
2. honestly: sinceramente
3. assembly: asamblea 4. crew: tripular
5. ammunition: munición
6. surrender: rendirse

b) Some remarkables idioms.
1. a little wake an ke?: ¿una caladita?
2. go, green!: ¡piensa en verde!
3. damn it: ¡maldita sea!
4. Oh, don't your la perlasin a bunch: no busques perlas entre piedras.
5. yeah, a touch: si, una pizca

5. Detective`s questions.
1. What did she take of the table at beginning of the episode?
2. What time is it when they are wearing at beginning of the episode?
3. Who is wearing long socks in the choir?
4. What game is Eric playing when Jenny came in the room?

6. Key answers:
3. Listening and Comprehension:
a) Answers.
1. Their parents want to they is going to go to the best universities, and they expect great things of their son.
2. Because she slept at the hospital with her brother.
3. She is going to the rehab`s center.
4. Because he tried to commit suicide.
5. Because Chuck call him and so Blair can ridicule to Serena before all.
6. He runs with the head teacher and with her father.
7. Because Serena always goes there when she is worried.
8. Because Serena knew that Blair was in a bad way and she didn`t call to Blair, and Blair decided not to send her.
9. Nate don`t want to go to the university which his father say, but he don`t know how say him because he won`t be able to be faced with his father.
10. His father, because he want to go to run together.

d) Solutions. 1. here. 2. main. 3. brother. 4. about. 5. drug. 6. free. 7. fault. 8. stop. 9. destroying. 10. need. 11. mind. 12. life. 13. together. 14. first. 15. protected.
5. Detective`s answers. 1. A ring. 2. It`s a quarter to eight. 3. Jenny. 4. To solitaire.

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FRIENDS, TV serie Worksheet (3)

Hi, Guys!,

Thanks to my sweet pupils: Julia, Irene and Mª Carmen (U R GR8!!!, GIRLS), we can enjoy this funny episode taken from one of my favourite American sitcoms "FRIENDS". We hope you'll find this TV worksheet funny and useful, pleased to help U! ;-) **

TV series: FRIENDS Season: one Episode: one


Chandler Muriel Bing (Matthew Perry) : He was Ross' friend at university. He had a terrible childhood due to his parents divorce. As a matter of fact, his father declared he was homosexual, so Chandler uses sarcasm as mechanism of defense.

Rachel Karen Green (Jennifer Aniston) : Monica’s Best friend since they were children. She has two sisters who also are pampered. She decides to leave her easy life and look for a job in NY city. Firstly, she became a waitress in Central Perk.

Ross Eustace Geller (David Schwimmer) : Monica’s brother. He is a university teacher. He has been abandoned by his wife, she is lesbian now.

Monica E. geller (Courteney Cox) : She is Ross’ sister.
When she was a child, she was obsessed, then she became slim. She is a very good cooker . She is obsessed with cleanliness and she can't stand any mess.

Joseph Francis Tribbianni (Matt LeBlanc) : He is the less intelligent of the group and He works as an actor and he is a womanizer.

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrou) : She is the most distracted of the group. She and her twin sister were abandoned by their mother. Later, their mum committed suicide, so their childhood was dreadful .

3. Listen to this episode and answer these questions:
a) Answer these:
Where do they usually meet ?
Why is Rachel wearing a wedding dress when she comes into the bar ?
Why did Rachel decide not to marry ?
Why is Rachel worried about ?
What does Monica say to Rachel ?
What did Paul break to his ex-girlfriend?
Why did Rachel break her credit cards ?
What happened Phoebe's mum ?
What did Rachel and Ross eat while they were talking ?
Where did Rachel go when Ross and she stopped talking ?

b) Choose the correct anwer:
What are colours of the umbrellas that appear at the beginning of the episode ?
1.Green,yellow and pink
2.Yellow,blue and pink
3.All are the same colour

What colour is the Ross' cup ?

Who meets Rachel when she comes into the bar ?

Who called Chandler in his dream ?
1.His girlfriend
2.His mother
3.His father

How many credit cards are they going to cut ?
1. Four
2. Five
3. six

c) Say if these sentences are TRUE or FALSE:
1. Monica is wearing a wedding dress when she comes to Central Perk.
2. Rachel puts sugar in her coffee.
3. While everybody was watching TV, Rachel was talking on the phone.
4. Chandler is building something.
5. Joseph strips the coffee pot.

4. Vocabulary:
a) casarse –to get married
entrar – go into
telenovela – soap opera
suicidarse – suicide
independizarse – independent
consejo – advice
tarjeta de crédito – credit card
vestido de novia – wedding dress
taza – cup
empleo – employment
cita – date
ligar – tie
romper con alguien – break up
llevarse bien con alguien – get on well/with
cerveza – beer
vecino – neighbour
boda – wedding
entrevista – interview
botas de cuero – leather boots
mujeriego: womanizer

1. What was hunged on the wall when Ross arrived ?
2. Which colour is Ross’ umbrella ?
3. What is above the microwave ?
4. What were they watching on TV ?
5. What did Rachel find on the floor ?
6. Who was Rachel talking on phone to ?
7. What is the name of Ross ex-girlfriend ?

6. KEY ANSWERS: 3a  In Central Perk
 Because She is going to get married
 Because she has tried to do all the things that her father said
 Because she feels guilty for leaving the wedding
 To be independent
 Her clock
 Because she wants to earn her own money
 Her mother's suicide
 An oreo cookie
 She goes to bed

3b 1-2, 2-3, 3-1, 4-2, 5-2
3c 1-FALSE- Rachel is wearing wedding dress 2-FALSE-ross put sugar in Rachel’s coffee 3-true 4-false-chadler , ross and joseph are bulding Something. 5-true. 5. 1- two masc 2-black 3-a little yellow cat 4-a soup opera 5-the paul’s watch 6-to his parents 7-carol

PS: Thank you, girls, have a nice summer!!!


Hi, Guys!,

How R U? I hope you'll be relaxing on holidays...

I've just come
back from Paris, once again, I fell in love with this exciting city:) I think Paris was more beautiful than eight years ago.

I strongly recommend you to visit it! You could walk around its large glamo
rous boulevards, sit and relax at its fantastic parks, see its amazing museums, travel by ferry along the River Seine, hang around Montmartre, the artistic street in Paris, the Champs Elysses, the Concorde Square, the world's most visited tourist sight the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe , the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, ... nice French people, delicious fromage sandwiches, croissants... there are many entertaining things to do in PARIS... And if you can't speak French well, don't worry, you can speak English, they can understand you... Well, you'd better go and check! ;-)

Paris is always regarded as the City of Light, the City of Love and of course, the City of Fashion!

PS. If you travel to Paris, don't forget to go to Versalles and EuroDISNEY, great experiences!

I HoPe U'll Be Fine! TaKe CaRe ;P

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GomaespumEnglish supports the SPANISH TEAM!!!

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Are you ready for another English Lesson? Once again, we can learn English THANKS to GOMAESPUMENGLISH. Let's see how they support our Spanish team!!!

Give me ... S-P-A-I-N

SPAIN has won the World Cup for the first time!!!

Hi, there!,

We are really happy with our Spanish football team!!! Spain has won the World Cup for the first time in our history. Thanks to all the football players, specially Andrés Hiniesta who scored the decisive goal for our country. I think the Spanish team played fairly and no one could deny that they were the only team worthy of lifting the 2010 World Cup.

Even in New York city, the Empire State ligths were red and yellow last night, it's another way to celebrate the Spanish victory!!!

Thanks a lot, Octopus PAUL!!!, you predicted this!!!

Now, let's watch how Spanish celebrate our victory around the world! In TORONTO


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LaDy GaGa, Orignal Singer, Outstanding Performance

Hi, Guys!,

LaDy GaGa is regarded as one of the most influential people in the world, her original style, her great voice, her different genres in her albums make Lady Gaga an amazing artist! Not only she sings well, but also she performs outstanding videos and concerts.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born on March 28th, 1986. Her debut album The Fame was released in August, 2008. Very soon, The Fame became successful and she sold many copies around the world. Last year, she recorded her second studio album The Fame Monster including her wellknown song Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga chose this artistic name because of Freddie Mercury and Queen's song "Radio Ga Ga". She got inspiration from great singers such as David Bowie, Queen, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears.

If you are more interested, click on here:

Now, why don't we listen to LaDy GaGa's best hits?

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A M E R I C A, the land of opportunities

Hi, there!,

Do you believe the Myth of America as the land of opportunites? Why and how was this belief spread? Let's read some of my notes ...

The first American inhabitants came from Asia, some later centuries from Scandinavia. Nevertheless, the great discovery took place in 1492 when Columbus arrived what he believed were “The Indies”. Spanish carried out a non-permanent colonisation whereas English showed great interests in these new lands.

In 1607, the colony of Virginia, or Jamestown, was founded and there, a General Assembly, a sort of Parliament was established. This Assembly became the first democratic government in America. Other important colonies were Plymouth, founded in 1620 by the Pilgrim Fathers, and Massachusetts, also founded by Puritans in 1629.

In relation to America, there were many writings of propaganda. Here, mainly English people and from other places (Ireland, Italy) were encouraged to immigrate to America. The myth of America as the land of opportunities was spread. That is, if you are poor and work hard, you can surely progress, get a better position and get wealthy. Obviously, the American reality was not as exactly as the dream.

The process of American Revolution started in 1765 with the Stamp Tax. The Americans, fed up with English government’s impositions, claimed their Independence. They wondered how an Isle could govern a whole continent. Some literate men wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. They got this in 4th July in 1783 after the peace of Paris. The Americans needed to govern themselves, because of that they wrote the Articles of Confederation. Later on, in 1787, the American Constitution was written. This Constitution has been kept until these days, although some amendments have been added along its long history.

Nowadays, there are many people who still believe this myth, America as the land of chances, because you can go there, get a job, and change this first job for a better one, just working hard, ... but obviously, you always have to make a great effort! I think it is really positive to believe in YOU and your DREAMS!!!

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WaVinG the StArS and StRipEs, the AmErIcAn FlaG

Hi, Guys!,

Is there an American movie where the American flag does not appear on it? What does the Old Glory = flag symbolize?

This is taken from

The national flag of the United States of America (the American flag) consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the "union") bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternating with rows of five stars. The fifty stars on the flag represent the 50 states and the 13 stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British monarchy and became the first states in the Union. Nicknames for the flag include the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and The Star-Spangled Banner (also the name of the national anthem).

The flag of the United States is one of the nation's most widely recognized symbols. Within the U.S. it is frequently displayed, not only on public buildings, but on private residences. It is also used as a motif on decals for car windows, and clothing ornaments such as badges and lapel pins. Throughout the world it is used in public discourse to refer to the U.S., not only as a nation, state, government, and set of policies, but also as an ideology and set of ideals.

Apart from the numbers of stars and stripes representing the number of current and original states, respectively, and the union with its stars representing a constellation, there is no legally defined symbolism to the colors and shapes on the flag.

What does the American Anthem and Flag really mean for AMERICANS? Let's see this video!

The AmErIcAn NaTioNaL AnTHeM

HI, Guys!,

Americans are so proud of their country because of the brave people that shed their blood to create it. Now, you may understand better why they consider their symbols so important.

If you are interested in the American symbols and history, click on here:

What is the origin of the American Anthem?
On September 13, 1814 a poem titled “Defense of Fort M'Henry” was penned by poet Francis Scott Key. The poem was based on events he witnessed while observing the battle for Fort McHenry near Baltimore, Maryland. Years later this poem was set to the music of John Stafford Smith’s song “To Anacreon in Heaven.”

This is taken from:

The Star Spangled Banner slowly spread throughout the United States, gaining acceptance by citizens and the military alike until finally, in 1931 President Hoover declared the song to be the official national anthem of the United States. Here are some other interesting facts about the Star Spangled Banner:

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's lasted gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,

O 'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.
And the rockets` red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Jennifer talks about the Independence Day

Hi, Guys!,

As you well know, today we are celebrating a very significant day for the America
n people, that is the US INDEPENDENCE DAY.

As I said
before, the Americans got the Independence JULY 4th 1776, and THIS IS THE MAJOR HOLIDAY IN THE UNITED STATES. Once again, thanks to Jennifer, not only we'll learn vocabulary related to this historical moment, but also, we'll learn some relevant episodes of the American history.

You can read and listen to these videos at the same time.
Happy 4th of July!!!

Independence Day in USA, 4th July

Hi, there!

Happy Independence Day for those of YOU who live in USA or spend some time there!!! ;-)

It is also known as the 4ht of July, this is the commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. In that document, The THIRTEEN COLONIES OF AMERICA declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

How do Americans usually celebrate this national day?
Americans usually meet their friends and families, they organise barbacues, picnics, fireworks, and even more, there some special political speeches, ceremonies, concerts, ... to celebrate their History, Government and Traditions.

It's really exciting when you see people of all ages singing together their national anthem, and YOU ALWAYS FIND AN AMERICAN FLAG WAVING AT THE MAIN DOORS. Now, in these two videos, you could see how this is celebrated by Americans.

If you are more interested, click on:

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NEW YORK city - 20 Things You Need To Know

Hi, Guys!,

Are you planning your summer holidays? Well, once again, I'm going to show you another fantastic city, to me this is the most lively exciting city in the world: NEW YORK! Have you ever been there? If your answer is Yes, now it's a great chance to remember your trip, if your answer is No, you can get engaged with this wonderful filmed city!

In this post, I'm showing some interesting famous places you should visit to enjoy this crowded city. I hope you'll like it!

1. Empire State: you have to go up and take photos, you'd better go up at night, it's very romantic, it's like the movies ...
2. Top of the Rock: you have to do the same, but in the morning, see the noisy streets full of traffic jam.

3. Flatiron and Chrysler Buildings.

4. Grand Central Terminal: this is the most well-known train station due to the movies, you can visit it and recognize the settings.

5. Central Park: take a break here, relax, take a nap here, you can have lunch sitting on the benches, on the grass, sunbathe, and so on. It's really large and full of beautiful places and paths.

6. Times Square: the Big Apple, it's so exciting!!! You can buy a ticket and go to a Musical in BROADWAY, it's an amazing experience!!!

7. 5th AVENUE: TIFFANY& Co., NBA store, Versace, Prada, the Trump Tower, The Plaza Hotel, ...

8. Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

9. Statue of Liberty (take the ferry to go there, it's amazing!)

10. You should walk across the BROOKLYN BRIDGE at the sunset, you'll get beautiful photos.

11. Washington Square: if you're fan of the TV serie Friends, you have to go there!

12. Wall Street and the George Washington's statue.

13. The Ground Zero and the World Trade Center.

14. Shopping in Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, Tribecca (downtown).

15. Go shopping in Macy's, Bloomingdales or Century 21.

16. Walk along the Fashion Avenue.

17. National Library, if you love reading, go there! (ah! this is the place where carry Bradshaw was going to get married).

18. Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) - free on Friday afternoons.
19. Pier 17, there you could the most wonderful pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge.

20. You should eat the famous Hot-Dogs, Pretzels, Smoothies, mmmmm, delicious!


Tomorrow, we are going to celebrate 4th JULY, The INDEPENDENCE DAY in USA!
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