Thursday, September 28, 2017

Perfect Tenses

Hi, Guys!!!,
Do you really know the differences between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect Simple? and What about the Pres. Perf. Simple and Pres. Perf. Cont.? So, I've just uploaded these worksheets which can help you. Let's start!
Pres. Perf. S.
Pres.Perf. Simple (2)
Past Simple and Pres. Perf. S. (2)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

IrreGuLaR VeRBs

Hi, Guys!!!,
It's time to study the Irregular Verbs in English. Here, if you click on the following links, you can download one list as well as, tips for learning all these verbs. Good Luck!

Work hard and never give up!

2ºESO MOSAIC 2 - UNIT 1 - Worksheets

Hi, there!!!,

Now, let's do worksheets from Unit 1. Click on:

Mosaic 2 - UNIT 1 - 1*

MOSAIC 2 - UNIT 1 - 2**

MOSAIC 2 - UNIT 1 - 3***

2ºESO - MOSAIC 2 - Starter Unit - Worksheets

Hi, Guys!!!,

Here we go again! It's quite easy, just click on the following links and do these activities from STARTER UNIT.

Mosaic 2 - STARTER UNIT - 1*

Mosaic 2 - STARTER UNIT - 2**

Mosaic 2 - STARTER UNIT - 3***

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Coming Back to School!!!!

Here we go again!

I hope you'll find so many resources and valuable ideas 
which really help you with your English!

Ready, Steady, GOOOOO!!!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Let's practise PET (B1) and FCE (B2) Speaking Paper Part 1

Hi, there!!!;

Here we go again! As you well know, PET means Preliminary English Test (B1) whereas FCE refers to Fisrt Certificate Enlgish (B2). Today, let's focus on SPEAKING PAPER PART 1, both tests are quite similar in this part of the official exam.

So, at the very beginning, in the Speaking Paper Part 1 from both tests (PET and FCE), the candidates will be asked about themselves, they will give personal information, talk about past experiences, present job, studies, where they live, future plans, etc. Now, click on: pet-and-fce-speaking-paper-part-1 to see all the questions. If you need to see some possible answers, just click HERE.

Would you like to watch some real examples?

I hope you'll pass your coming exam;)
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