Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HeaDs UP! App

Hi, there!,

Have you ever heard about HEADS UP! It's a really fun hilarious game which is always played by Ellen DeGeneres on her show. 

Now, you can also play it with your friends in a party, with your family at home or in a park, there are many different categories, suitable for all ages. Thanks to one of my workmates, I know that you can download this game from the AppleStore, it's free! I strongly recommend you because it's a fantastic tool to practise your English!!!! I'm sure you'll have a great time!

Learning English is always Fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Present Perf. Simple vs Present Perf. Cont.

Hi, Guys!!!, 

Do you remember the difference between Pres. Perf. Simple and Pres. Perf. Continuous?
Firstly, you should look at your notes, then pay attention to this picture and after that, click on these links to check your knowledge.

All Tenses Exercises

Hi, there!!!, 

It's time you practise all tenses together! Before doing these exercises, you'd better look at your notes. After that, you must be ready to click on the following links and check your knowledge. Good Luck!!!

1. english-grammar-tenses

2.english-grammar- tenses-t26

3. learnenglishfeelgood-verbs-mixed


SpeaKiNG TeST for YouNG LeaRneRs

Hi, Guys!!!, 

It's time to speak up! Let's talk about your hobbies and interests. Take turns to ask and answer the following questions. Are you ready?

1. What are your hobbies or your favourite free-time activities?

2. Are you interested in sport? What sports do you like? Why?

3. What's your favourite kind of music? What is your favourite song?

4. Have you got any pets? Talk about them. Would you like to have one when you grow up?

5. Do you prefer playing computer games or chatting to friends on the internet? Why?

After these questions, you can use these speaking cards, every student chooses one character or card, then, you can start asking questions to others, don't forget to use the Present Simple and the questions above.

If you've got some free time, you can do the following worksheet in pairs.
It's essential to speak English if you really want to learn this language. So, let's practise, we are on the way!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to Describe a Picture in English

Hi, Guys!!!, 
Modern Family

In many oral exams, you will be asked to describe a picture, but how? Well, take it easy and practise! 

Firstly, look at the picture and you'd better start talking about general things such as: what can you see in the photo?, what are these people doing? or what is that boy doing?

You can use these useful phrases:
In this picutre, I can see ...
This photo shows ...
Threre is /are ...
Pay attention to this picture and read carefully its description.

Use the Present Cont. and describe as much as you can. Then, let's focus on the setting or environment. At this point, you can use: in the foreground, in the background, on the left, on the right, at the top, at the bottom, ...

After that, use your imagination and make assumptions, using Perhaps, maybe, might, ... And you can also describe what these people may feel in that picture.

1. englisch-hilfen-describing_pictures

2. picture-description-words-phrases

Monday, November 7, 2016

1º ESO - Mosaic 1 - Unit 2 - Worksheets

Hi, there!!!, 

If you click on the following links, you can see and download these fantastic worksheets which help you revise Grammar and Vocab from Unit 2. 
One, Two, Three, GOOOO!!!!

Mosaic 1 - Grammar - Unit 2 - 1*

Mosaic 1 - Grammar and Vocab. Unit 2 - 2**

Mosaic 1 - Grammar and Vocab. Unit 2 - 3***

Friday, November 4, 2016

Past Simple vs. Past Perfect Simple

Hi, Guys!!!, 

Do you really know when you have to use Past Simple or Past Perfect Simple? Let's see ... Click on the following links, you can do lots of exercises with the key answers.

Past Simple vs. Past Perfect Simple (1)

Past Simple vs. Past Perf. S. (2)


Past Simple vs. Past Perf. S. (3)

SpeaKiNG - FREE TIME ACTIVITIES (Hobbies, Interests, ...)

Hi, Teachers!!!,

It's essential to speak and practise English in class! Because of that, firstly, let's watch the following video and then, we can do an oral task related to Free Time Activities, just click on the link and download the worksheet.


As you can see, our students will practise Present Simple, Adverbs of Frequency as well as vocabulary connected with our daily routines.

At last, if you click on the following link, you can see flashcards (HOBBIES and INTERESTS) ready to be printed. I hope you'll find this blog entry useful!
Hobbies and Interests

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Present Perfect Simple vs. Past Simple

Hi, Guys!!!,

Do you need extra practise? First of all, please, look at your notes and read them carefully. Later, look these pictures and click on the following links. Good luck!

1. Pres. Perf. S. vs. Past S. + key answers

2. perfect-english-grammar

3. Burlington (Pres. Perf. S. vs. Past S.) + key answers

past-simple-vs-present-perfect + key answers

1ºESO - Mosaic 1 - Unit 1 Worksheets

Hi, Guys!!!, 

If you click on the following links, you can see and download these fantastic worksheets which help you revise Grammar and Vocabulary from UNIT 1. Are you ready?

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