Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2º ESO English Plus 2 - Unit 7

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As I told you in class, here you can find 3 useful links to review unit 7. These are worksheets taken from your book English Plus 2 Burlington

Just click on them:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Earth Day

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Every year, it is celebrated the Earth Day on 22nd April, to make people aware of preserving the environment, in order to stop global warming, to take care of animals, seas, to stop cutting down trees, to recycle and reuse things, ... to appreciate where we live. Because of that, I'd like to show you the following video, it's so wonderful!!!

What is PBL? Problem-Based Learning?

Hi, teachers!!!, 

Have you ever heard about PBL? Problem-Based Learning

It is a teaching method based on active learning centred on investigation and resolution of messy real ordinary situations, where students have an active role as investigators working in small groups, whereas the teacher becomes a guide facilitating the learning process and promoting an environment of inquiry in class.

Obviously, there is a further explanation, but I only need you to know that before sharing one of my oral games with you. My main goal is to encourage my students to speak up! So, before starting the unit "It's time to clean-up" (related to environment, recycling, global warming,  ...), I asked my pupils to work in groups to discuss and find solutions to this next situation. "There is a family in Seville who do not recycle. Can you give them any arguments or reasons to recycle? How can you persuade them to recycle? How can you make them aware of the importance of recycling? Solutions to this situation. Imagine you are the mayor of the city".

As teachers, can you guess the results? Amazing!!! Before starting the unit, we've already seen the vocabulary!, many pupils want to participate, ...

Learning English is always Fun!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Future WILL vs. Fut. Be GoinG To

Hi, Guys!!!,

We've already learnt the differences between these future verb forms: Will vs. Going To. So now, it's time to practise and do a lot of exercises. Just click on the following links:

1. Perfect-English-Grammar (Future)

 2.Clasejoseangel.FILES (Future)

(WILL vs. GOING TO - When do we have to use Will or Be Going To?)
(Interesting exercises to check your knowledge ;-))

At last, but not least, here you are some online games related to FUTURE. I hope you'll have fun!


2. learnenglishkids.britishcouncil


Hi, Guys!!!, 

If you look at these fantastic pictures and this useful link:SaberIngles (SPORTS) , you'll have a great list of words related to SPORT. I hope you'll learn a lot!
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