Sunday, September 22, 2013

SAT Exams - PAU Andalucia September 2013

Hi, Guys!,

Some students took the following PAU exams last week, and some of you asked me some questions about the text, lexicon, ... Well, here you are the exam papers and answers! Let's see now!!!


Possible answers:
1.ll. 4-5
2. ll. 9-10
3. ll. 10-11

4. TRUE l. 3-4 "... trained dogs could improve children's behaviour and lead to better academic performance, ...".
5. TRUE ll.14 "All hearing dogs are retired at 11 years of age but families usually keep them".

6. Strong (adj) - STRENGTH (n)
7. deaf vs. HEARING
8. link = CONNECTION
10. Relative:
a) Hearing dogs, which are trained to alert children, also help them to improve behaviour.
b) Hearing dogs are trained to alert children, who / whom they also help to improve behaviour.

11. They didn't pay the plumber when they he finished.
12. Speech therapies ... (improve) considerably since they were originally developed.
      a) have improved      b) have been improved
13. If all deaf children had trained dogs, they could have led a better life. (3rd conditional)

Possible answers:
1. ll. 9 -10.
2. ll. 11 -13 (showy age).
3. ll. 14 -15
4. FALSE ll. 1 -2
5. FALSE ll. 7 -8.

6. specify (v) - SPECIFIC (adj)
7. aim = GOAL
10. How long have you been waiting for?
11. apologise
12. His grandmother had her portrait painted in the country.
13. What did Mr Dean's secretary tell her?

At last, let me tell you something interesting about "KICK THE BUCKET"
As it was mentioned in the text, the expression "to kick the bucket" was associated to die in the vulgar tone. Since, in the 16th century, people used to hang themselves by standing on a bucket and with a rope around their neck, and then, the bucket was kicked away.   


Thursday, September 12, 2013

AcRoNyMs in EnGLisH LaNguAGe TeaCHinG

Hi, Teachers!,

As  English teachers, we should  get familiar and know all the following acronyms. If you sometimes get confused or lost, you can see them now!!! 

I hope you'll refresh your memory!;) GOOD BEGINNING!!!

  • CEFR : Common European Framewok of Reference for Languages
  • CLIL : Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • EFL : English as a Foreign Language
  • ESL : English as a Second Language
  • TEFL : Teaching  English as a Foreign Language
  • TESL :  Teaching English as a Second Language
  • ESOL : English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • TESOL : Teachers of  English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • ESP : English for Specific Purposes
  • ICT : Information and Communication Technology
  • TBL : Task-Based Learning
  • TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language (American origin)
  • TOEFL cBT : (computer-based test)
  • TOEFL iBT : (internet-based test)
  • TOEFL pBT : (paper-based test)
  • IELTS : International English Language Testing System
  • TOEIC : Test of English International Communication (American origin)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Upper Secondary (Bachillerato) GREAT REVISION

Hi, there!, 

Are you ready to start a new year? I hope so! If it is so, you may need some extra exercises and worksheets for you. Because of that, I recommend you to click on and look at the following links, they are truly intesresting and useful!!!

3. English for all ages (Enrique Alía) (many different worksheets)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's go on DeCoRaTiNg OuR EnGLisH ClaSS!!!

Hi, Guys!,

Let's start a new year decorating our English labs, classrooms, ... It's a kind of RENEWAL, isn't it?
This time, I'm going to ask some help..., I'm going to ask my pupils to write some InSpiRatIOnal quotes for them, we'll use these to make posters and we'll decorate our class, corridors, etc. I think it's essential to feel involved and motivated from the very beginning. So, I promise I'll take some pictures when we've done it! SURE;)

I'll give you some examples:
"Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough"
"The future is in your hands"
"Let's try again"

Now, you can click on the following links to get some interesting posters:
3. Writing Activity

I hope You'll like it! If you're more interested, just click on Decorating - Classroom

Sunday, September 8, 2013

CoMinG BacK to ScHooL!!!

Hi, Guys!,

"Without confidence and love, there can be no true education".

"Teaching is a work of Heart".

Here We Go AgaiN!!! Good LucK for EveryOne ;)
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