Monday, February 28, 2011

Game - GueSS the MeSSaGe

Hi, there!,

I'd like to share with all of you the following game, it's easy to prepare and really functional when you need to practise Question-Intonation, to review the question structure, and above all, to learn English while you are having fun.

You only need to cut some colourful cardboards into small pieces. You'll write every word of the question in every piece. (It's better if you see the picture). After that, you'll give your students one question, and they have to gess the message, they have to order the pieces of cardboard. It's very simple. As soon as some children make a meaningful question, you'll write it on the board. Then, you can practise intonation with your students. They will feel involved and motivated.

I hope you'll find my game interesting!!!

And the Oscar goes to ... 2011

Hi, there!,

Could you see the glamorous ceremony of OSCARS? Would you like to watch some of the most interesting moments? I think it would be great to practise your listening!!! I hope you'll understand and enjoy these. At last, I strongly recommend you to watch The King's Speech.

Dear Teacher

Thank You, Guys!,

This little gift is a reminder of many days together, my teacher, father / mother of a large noisy naughty family, and he / she can stand everything fondly. Sometimes, our teacher is strict, sometimes sweet, and I'll never forget his / her voice teaching everything he / she knows.

My teacher expects me to become wiser, kinder, he / she never gets fed up with it. Everyday, my teacher tries to achieve this goal. Thanks for your tender gestures, your smile and your support.

We passed through his / her classroom like a whirlwind, we arrived and we left as a trail of laughter, confusion and uproar and it seems that nothing has changed, but from that moment onwards, we are better because everyone has a little part of him / her wherever we go.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

GAME - Answer the question

Hi, Teachers!,

I'd like to suggest you the following game "ANSWER THE QUESTION", it's very easy and truly functional. This is an oral activity appropriate for EFL learners in secondary and upper-secondary school. This game has been designed to practise questions and answers, to review all English tenses and to increase vocabulary.

Your students will become enthusiastic and get involved in class.

You only need some small pieces of cardboard. Before starting the game, you have to ask your pupils to think how to make questions in English, you can write some examples on board. Then, deliver these pieces of cardboard.

Now, you ask them to write down one question on every piece of cardboard. After that, collect the cards. Choose one student, he / she'll stand up and pick up one card, he / she'll read the question aloud. If he / she anwers this correctly, he / she'll get a candy. (It's very practical and motivating for children).

I hope all of you will have fun!!! ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IrreGuLaR VeRbS

Hi, Guys!,

Here you can find a basic list of irregular verbs, there are 75 verbs really interesting for secondary English students. Besides, there are three tests for self-correction. I hope you'll find it useful!
Irregular Verbs

Monday, February 14, 2011

"StriP Me" by Natasha Bedingfield

Hi, there!,

Have you ever listened to this song "STRIP ME" by Natasha Bedingfield? I still remember her famous song "Unwritten". Well, thanks to the movie "Morning Glory", I could hear this ...

I hope you'll like it :) "Everyday I fight for all my future comings, ... like chasing rainbows,... and if you strip me, what would you find, I'm still the same, ... my heart is like a loudspeaker..."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Hi, Guys!,

Maybe most of you are celebrating Saint Valentine tomorrow, 14th Febr. It is a day to make your loved one feel really special and express how precious the person is for you. But in my humble opinion, everyday should be the right day to express these feelings, we can't waste time and chances.
So, as you well know, there ar
e many different possible ways to express your own loving feelings, such as chocolates, flowers, cards, diamonds??, ... but love can't be measured, in terms of love, the smallest thing given from the bottom of your heart, as a token of love, would be the best or enough for your Valentine.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Relative Clauses (post 6)

Hi, Guys!,

If you need further practise on Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses, you cand dowload the following document, I hope you'll find it useful and practical!

Defining and Non-Defining

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thematic Vocabulary Lists

Hi, Guys!,

Thanks to this web: (Macmillan), you can download and read lots of lists of thematic vocabulary easily! In my view, it's like a brief specific dictionary! Take a look, it's truly worthwhile.

Besides, I'd like to share with all of you a fantastic vocabulary book ENGLISH VOCABULARY IN USE, you can download it, do the activities, check your answers, and so on. It's very practical ;-)

English Vocabulary in Use (Elementary)

WorD FoRmAtioN (1)

Hi, there!,

As you well know, there are many different ways to improve your vocabulary. One of them is WORD FORMATION. Therefore, I'd like to show you some interesting charts, links and exercises.

Compound Nouns

Groundhog Day

Hi, Guys!,
Last week, the Groundhog Day took place in USA and Canada. It's a very significant day since it is believed that if this little animal emerges from its burrow, and if it doesn't observe any shadow, Spring is coming soon, but on the other way around, the groundhog gets into the cave again and Spring will come within 6 weeks.

German settlers are thought to be the ones who brought this tradition of predicting future weather conditions based on animals. They used to observe hedgedhogs, but when they arrived in America, they replaced this animal for the more common American groundhog.

Now, would you like to watch the video?

Friday, February 4, 2011

ReLeAsE mE by AgNeS

Hi, there!,

I hope you'll like it! Agnes Carlsson is a Swedish singer. She has a talented voice. Now, enjoy the song "Release Me" from her album Dance Love Pop.

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