Thursday, February 24, 2011

GAME - Answer the question

Hi, Teachers!,

I'd like to suggest you the following game "ANSWER THE QUESTION", it's very easy and truly functional. This is an oral activity appropriate for EFL learners in secondary and upper-secondary school. This game has been designed to practise questions and answers, to review all English tenses and to increase vocabulary.

Your students will become enthusiastic and get involved in class.

You only need some small pieces of cardboard. Before starting the game, you have to ask your pupils to think how to make questions in English, you can write some examples on board. Then, deliver these pieces of cardboard.

Now, you ask them to write down one question on every piece of cardboard. After that, collect the cards. Choose one student, he / she'll stand up and pick up one card, he / she'll read the question aloud. If he / she anwers this correctly, he / she'll get a candy. (It's very practical and motivating for children).

I hope all of you will have fun!!! ;)

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