Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween is coming...

Hi, Guys!,

These days, Halloween is being celebrated in many parts of the world. This is really special and amusing for children and teenagers. Most of us like disguising and organising parties!

Many times in class, I've told you the origins of Halloween, can you remember it? Why do people disguise? Why are pumpkins called Jack O' Lantern? You can watch the following videos... I hope you'll enjoy All Hallow's Eve = Halloween! ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Past Simple and Past Continuous ( post 4)

Hi, Guys!,

If you need to review Past Simple and Past Continuous, you can click on the following links:

I strongly recommend you all to do all these exercises to study for the exam, please, before doing the activities, look at your notes. If you have any question, ask me in class or send me an email, ok?

Present Simple and Present Continuous (post 5)

Hi, Guys!,

I know some of you need more exercises and texts to review the Present Simple and Present Continuous. Because of that, CLICK ON THE FOLLOWINIG LINK,
You can find the answers too. It's great! Please, look at your notes before doing these activities, ok?

Let's celebrate HALLOWEEN at schools!

Hi, there!,

I've just visited the HALLOWEEN CORNER from Oxford Univ. press, so I recommend you to have a look at the following link, it's fantastic if you are thinking about how to celebrate this festival in your English class.

There are great resources and amusing terrying activities divided into different levels. It's awesome!!! (Now, can you catch the spider?)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Test Your English - Upper Secondary Test

Hi, Guys!,

Why don't you check your English level? Thanks to the BBC, you can do it. There are some questions related to Used to, Be Used To and Get Used To... 1, 2, 3, Gooooo!!!!!!!!

BBC World Service - QUIZNET (Tempos Verbais)

USED TO (post 2)

Hi, Guys!,

Last year, we learned about USED TO, Be Used To and Get Used To. Now, it's time to review! Are you ready? Please, check your knowledge doing the following exercises...

The use of "USED TO"

Friday, October 22, 2010

English Songs

Hi, there!,

I think one of the best ways to learn English is SINGING! specially when you are a child! Do you agree with me?
If you are a Primary teacher or have children, you should take a look the following web page:

This web is fantastic and truly amusing for children!!! You can find interesting material for Halloween! Have a look at this!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pedestrian crossing (Br) or Crosswalk (US)

Hi, Guys!,

I don't know why, but wherever I go, I like looking at the traffic lights and PeDeStRiAn CrOOsinG or

I love the Irish ones, since you can watch a childish eye painted on the pavement, next to an arrow pointin
g out "Look Left or Right".

Now, take a look the following photos, they are quite strange, ar
en't they?

Stteping into the Ring, against cancer by Nicole Johnson

Hi, there!,

Hopefully, we can fight against this cruel disease, cancer. It is important to be informed, and above all, it is essential to feel you are never alone... I just want to remind you all the Day to combat Cancer, which is worlwide being celebrated these days. Besides, I'd like to transmit a hopeful message thanks to this amazing video. There is a great motivational and necessary message ...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TOO and ENOUGH videos (post 4)

Hi, Guys!,

Do you need any further explanation? Well, thanks to Jennifer, a great English teacher, you can revise the differences between TOO and ENOUGH. Let's watch the following videos.
If you need to practise more, see previous posts clicking on Labels So, Such, Too and Enough.

American vs. British English

Hi, there!,

As you can see, there are really very few differences between Standard British English and Standard American English. Nevertheless, the largest difference is probably that of the choice of vocabulary "truck" Am. Engl. or "lorry" Brit. Engl. and pronunciation . There are also divergences in spelling such as "color" Ame. Engl. "colour" Brit. Engl.; grammar "Do you have a car?" Ame. Engl. vs. "Have you got a car?"Brit. Engl.

What is more correct British English or American English? Well, both of them are totally correct, but the point is to be consistent in your usage and preference. Nowadays, we may be more influenced by American English due to movies, music, ... but all of us should know both standard English.

If you are more interested, click on here:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The LORD of the DANCE

Hi, there!,

EIRE is really famous due to its traditional folk music and dances. It's so amazing how the Irish people dance, they can synchronize their feet, minds, whole body, slightly moving their arms! It's spectacular, specially THE LORD OF THE DANCE.

Michael Flatley created this Irish group of dancers, he is also the choreographer, he's extraordinary! They first appeared on stage in Ireland in 1996. Then, there was a great tour around America and Europe.
The Lord of the Dance popularized the IRISH STEPDANCE which is known by its fast leg movements, body and arms closed the body. There are two types of Irish stepdance: CEILI or Formations (2 or more dancers), and SOLO stepdance. Both of them are quite competitive. The SOLO dance is characterized by a controlled but not rigid upper body, straight arms, fast feet movements. You can watch the following videos to appreciate how beautiful as well as difficult the Irish dance is.

At last, I'd like to say that The Lord of the Dance is returning in Belfast at the end of this month.

The English Language in 24 Accents!

Hi, Guys!,

Thanks to this skillful boy, we can listen to English in 24 different accents such as Scottish, Irish, Southern English, American, Autralian, Welsh, Nigerian, etc. He doesn't want to offence anyone, just imitate as best as he can English accents. I think this is quite interesting! Please, pay attention to the intonation, distinguishable consonants, ...

Thanks a lot, R**!

Monday, October 4, 2010

AULA 365

Hi, there!,

One month ago, a new amusing tool for children, teenagers, parents and teachers emerged on the internet. AULA 365 is the most fantastic educative network that I've ever seen! This has been created by the famous Argentinian company

According to the experts, it is very safe for everybody, you can create your file, you can revise maths, history, Enligsh, etc. and the students' doubts can be always solved by virtual teachers. I think AULA 365 is FANTASTIC!!! Don't waste time and log in!!!

Moreover, not matter where you come from, you can join this social educative network from many different countries. It's awesome!

Would you like to check this?

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Flinstones

Hi Guys!,

Are you a flinstone fan? Yesterday, this primitive wellknown family celebrated their anniversary, since they first appeared on TV in 1960. This American sitcom is set in the Stone Age, so dinosaurs, tigers, mammoths living together with barefoot cavemen.

I love their primitive technology! Can you remember the cars made out of stone, animal skins and powered by the passenger's feet? It was fantastic! Or when the flinstones go to a restaurant and ask the bill, and a bird carves the bill on a piece of stone... do you remember the elevators, the washing machine, ... they were so great!!!

We'll never forget you all: Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney!
Now, why don't we watch the Opening- Flinstones? Would you like to sing it?

ScoTTisH NaMeS

Hi, Guys!,

Many people in Scotland have the name McDonald or Mckenzie.

“Mac” means “son of” and people with this name usually feel they belong to the same family or clan. Campbell or Cameron are other common surnames. You may come across the feminine version Nc, an abbreviation of “nighean mhic” or “daughter of Mac”, attached to a woman’s surname, and sometimes it is abbreviated to N’. There are many examples in the old parish registers, particularly in the 17th and 18th centuries, e.g. Ncfarlane, Ncdonald, Ncdearmit, Ncfee.

Common boys’ names are Angus, Donald or Duncan, and girls’ names are Morag, Fiona or Jean. The names Jimmy and Jock are so common that many English people call a man from Scotland “a Jimmy” or “a Jack”!
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