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Whenever I see these episodes, I can't stop laughing, they are really fun!!!!

What do you think? I think this is the best TV show.


Origins of Halloween
The Pagans who lived in Britain two thousand years ago celebrated their New Year on 1st November. Then the Christians came and people celebrated Hallowmas, a three day festival between 31st October and 2nd November. 31st October was called All Hallow's Eve and slowley name changed to Halloween.
In November, winter in near, and hundreds of years ago people thought that bad spirits, like ghosts, came in the winter. They wanted the bad spirits to go away, so they made fires outside and make jack o'lanterns. To do this, they took a big autumn vegetable - usually a pumnkin . and cut off the top. They made a big hole inside the pumpkin and cut a face in the side. Then they put a light inside the pumpkin ande put the top on again. People still enjoy doing this today.
Moreover, in order to keep the bad spirits away, people also dressed like witches and ghosts. Children still do this. People often put up decorations for Halloween parties and play games. These decorations are usually black (for dark nights and death) and orange (for the autumn vegetables).
In Canada and USA, and in some English speaking countries, children often go "TRICK OR TREAT". The children, dressed as witches or ghosts often go into a small group to the houses of people who live near them. When someone opens the door, the children say: " trick or treat?". Then the person in the house must decide. Either they give the children a treat - somthing nice, like fruit or chocolate - or the children play a trick on them. For a trick, the children do something bad like throw an egg or some flour at the house!

Origins of Christian holydays:
All Saints' Day was created by Pope Boniface IV in the 7th century CE. There were so many saints by this time that there were not enough days in the year to accommodate them. So, All Saints' Day was to recognize the saints who were without their own day, and to celebrate saints that the Church had failed to recognize. It originally was held on May 13, but was moved by Pope Gregory in 835 CE to November 1. This may have been done in order to distract Christians from celebrating Samhain.

Halloween was originally called All Hallows' Eve which means the evening before All Saints' Day. "Hallow" is an Old English word for "saint". This was shortened to Hallowe'en and finally to Halloween.

All Souls' Day was created for NOV-2 to honor faithful Christians who had died but were not saints. The three days from OCT-31 to NOV-2 was given the name Hallow Tide.

Webs related to Halloween

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¿Qué vas a comer? = What about the food?

Ardilla = Squirrel
Perro = Dog
Pera = Pear
Sal = Salt



SOLUTIONS (Present Tenses and Past Tenses)

Hi, Guys!,

Well, we don't have enough time to correct all the exercises about the Present and Past tenses. Because of that, I've just decided to release the solutions of these exercises, I'm actually referring to the activities published in October 1st and 14th. Study hard and then, do these exercises, ok?


Exercise A
1. usually plays
2. Isn’t playing
3. Do you go
4. Am watching
5. doesn’t often walk
6. Is he travelling
7. Are you doing
8. Does she usually do

Exercise B
1. do you always stay in
2. am going
3. are you going
4. he hardly ever watches
5. enjoy
6. are you meeting
7. is coming
8. usually finishes

Exercise C
1. am writing
2. am
3. come
4. have
5. are having
6. am
7. am buying
8. am writing
9. writes
10. is sitting
11. doesn’t understand

Exercise D
1. comes
2. are playing
3. speak
4. doesn’t speak
5. has got
6. doesn’t understand

Exercise E
1. meets
2. go
3. have
4. chat
5. is
6. is waiting
7. are you?
8. am sitting
9. there is
10. are you doing?
11. am chatting
12. is

Exercise A
1. was
2. was
3. was reading
4. became
5. started
6. went
7. closed
8. turned
9. was watching
10. began
11. was blowing
12. were shaking
13. heard
14. woke up

Exercise B
1. rang / were watching
2. met /were
3. were working /decided
4. you were dancing /saw
5. were talking

Exercise C
1. went /was driving
2. was sitting / met
3. were working / called
4. weren’t you listening / explained
5. wasn’t driving / happened

Exercise D
1. were sitting /kissed
2. were laughing / didn’t look
3. phoned / were studying
4. made / was crying
5. met / decided

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Coconut cake Doughnuts ..... mnmnmnmn!!!!

Hi, Guys!,

Are you hungry? Have you seen these lovely doughnuts?
Well, I encourage you to cook them, it's not very difficult to make them.
And after that, you can invite your friends to try them, ok?
Pay attention to the ingridients and instructions.
Ready, Steady, GO!!!!!

Coconout Cake Doughnuts

2 eggs
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons melted shortening or vegetable oil
2 1/3 cups sifted all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup flaked coconut

Beat eggs with sugar until light; add milk and cook shortening. Add sifted dry ingredients and coconut; stir just until blended. Chill several hours.

Roll out on lightly floured surface to 1/2-inch thick. Cut out doughnuts with doughnut cutter. Fry in deep hot fat (375 degrees F) until brown; turn and brown other side (about 1 minute per side). Drain on paper towel. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar.

Makes 1 dozen Enjoy your doughnuts like Homer Simpson!!!

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Last Tuesday, when we were talking about "So" and "Such", this song came to my mind; since it is so wonderful that you could never forget its lyrics.
So, if you are getting tired today, take a break and listen to this fantastic song!
I hope you'll like it, I can't stop singing this.

Oh! please, pay attention to the use of "SO" as well as its romantic lyrics.

Now, would you like to see Craid David singing alive?
You can also watch and listen to this song in Spanish,
I'm certain you'll admire its beautiful lyrics and understand it better.

It's so Unbelievable !!!

Walking Away....

Hi, Guys!,

I hope you'll like and enjoy this song, it is actually one of my favourite singers and songs.
Sometimes, you need to walk away and find a better day!!!
Let's listen to Craig David singing Walking Away!!!

SO ... SUCH ...

Hi, Guys!,

Before doing the following sentences, I want you to bear in mind these two diferent patterns:
SO+ Adj. + THAT vs.
SUCH+ (A/AN) + Adj. + Noun + THAT

Now, rewrite these sentences using SO and SUCH :

1. The weather was good. We lay on the beach all day.

2. The journey was tiring. I fell asleep.

3. It was a long flight. We had dinner there times.

4. The train is fast. It gets to London in twenty minutes.

5. The dress was pretty. I couldn’t resist it.

If you need to practise more, take a look to this web-page:

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Used to; Be Used to; and Get Used to

Hi, Guys!,

Once again, I ask you to study your notes before doing these exercises, right?
You can take a look to this web-page:

Fill in the gaps with USED TO, BE USED TO or GET USED TO:
1. At first I was really nervous about driving in Vancouver, but now I have _________ it.
2. I don't think I'll ever ______________ the rain in Vancouver.
3. Because of the devaluation of the Canadian dollar, the people of Vancouver _______________ seeing more American tourists in the shopping malls.
4. Mike is Chinese. He is not ______________ speaking English in the office.
5. The smell of fish is awful, but you'll _____________ it after a couple of months on the job.
6. There are some things in this life that you'll never ____________.
7. It will take a while for the office staff to become the new computer software.
8. She _______________ hard work. She grew up in a very poor family.
9. My children ________________ eating hamburgers, but I don't think I'll ever eating them.
10. People from Africa _______________ hot weather because of the dry and hot climate there.
11. I wasn't happy about working the evening shift but I have ___________it now.
12. When I was a teenager I ______________ dress up for Halloween, but not anymore.
13. The administration was not _____________ the union playing a major role in running the company.
14. Two years ago, the students _______________ have four hours a week of language tutorials, but now they have five hours.
15. When I was starting to write, I _____________ think I would never be as good as Margaret Atwood.
16. People _________________ politicians blaming the media for their downfall.
17. Mr. Blundell ____________ do lots of interviews when he was the mayor of Vancouver.
18. He never ______________ flying a helicopter, even after years of working as a co-pilot.
19. Once people have ________________ the fact that not all dreams come true, then they set achievable goals.
20. He _________________ difficult times because he was born during the war.

Gomaespuminglish ... Lesson 9

The most amusing English lessons, Flamenco for the tourists!!!

(Spanish)Te quiero yo, más que a la mare que me parió =
(Gomaespuminglish)I love you more squid to burn couple and ou

All Tenses ... (2)

A. Complete the sentences with a suitable verb and tense:
1. In 2022, __________________________________________ my own house.
2. Yesterday in the evening, ________________________________________ .
3. While Sandra was taking me to the stati____________________________ .
4. Everyday, my friends and I _______________________________________ .
5. Becky _________________________________ university three months ago.
6. I’m sure he ___________________________________________________ .
7. Before I talked to Richard, _____________________________________ .
8. Next week, we ______________________________________________ .
9. She _________________________________ meeting John at six on Friday.
10. How long ______________________________________________ English?

B. Fill in the gaps with the correct tense. Read these sentences carefully:
1. I was surfing on the internet when ____________________________

2. ________________________________________ since he was born.

3. I hope ____________________________________________________ .

4. - Why are you calling Rachel? –Because __________________________ .

5. - I’ve got a terrible headache! - Oh!, I __________________________ .

6. When she arrived home, her friends __________________________ .

7. The weatherman says that ___________________________________ .

8. Next weekend, my friends and I _______________________________ .

9. They _________________________________________________all day.

10. In 2003, __________________________________________________ .

All Tenses .... (1)

Hi, guys!,

First of all, sorry for the delay, but I've just got home. I don't know if all of you could print and do the whole activities. Please, let me know, ok? Now, here you are...

A. Complete the following sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Future Will or Future Be Going to):
1. We __________________________ (already / take) all the exams.
2. Ross and Rachel _______________________________ (have) a baby next month.
3. The experts think that the Sun __________________ (burn) the Earth in the future.
4. While Jenny ______________________ (argue) with David, Steven ____________ (come) home.
5. My friends and I ____________________________ (dance) at the party all night.
6. On Mondays, Michel _______________________ (practise) tennis with his classmates.
7. __________ you and Karen ___________ (travel) to New York this weekend?
8. Well, I’m not very sure, but I hope we __________________ (get) the flight tickets.
9. Before I ____________ (tell) my parents the truth, they ___________________ (discover) it.
10. Since 1996, Lara Croft _________________________ (star) in a Hollywood film.

B. Complete the sentences with the correct tense:
1. Yesterday, we __________________ (see) Carol at school.
2. My friend and I ______________________________ (study) all afternoon.
3. Tom __________________________ (drive) for two hours.
4. Everyday, I ____________ (go) to school on foot, but today, my father ____________ (take) me by car.
5. What ________ you ________ (think) about football business?
6. _________ you _________ (lend) me some money, please?
7. In July, we _____________________________ (organise) a tour around Italy.
8. They ___________________________ (just/decide) to watch a film.
9. When _________ she __________ (work) tonight?
10. While Jason _____________ (paint) the walls, he __________________ (fall) down.

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All Perfect Tenses (2)

Hi, Guys!,

If you need to practise the following tenses, here you are more exercises. Good luck!



A. Use for or since in these sentences. Then translate them into your language.

1. Tom has had same computer ………over five years. He ought to get it up-graded.


2. Come on, you’ve been on the Internet ……….. nearly there hours! I’m dreading getting the telephone bill!


3. Our computer’s been at the repair shop ……….last week and they still haven’t fixed it.


4. “Windows” operating systems have been popular ………..a long time.


5. I’ve been trying to fix my computer ………….nine o’clock this morning.


6. I’ve had nothing but problems with it ………….the day I installed a CD drive.


B. Complete these sentences with ever, just, already or yet.

1. My grandmother only got a computer a month ago, but she’s ……….taught herself how to use Word and e-mail.

2. Have you …………tried to repair a damaged disk-drive? It’s not very easy.

3. Dad’s ………..bought a new computer and it’s broken down ………….He’s furious.

4. you finished writing that letter ………….?

5. Why don’t you get a new computer? – A new one? I haven’t finished paying for this one………..!

6. Have you …..…seen a Macintosh computer? – Seen one? I’ve ……..bought one. They’re the best.

C. Match these tenses with the examples given below.

Present perfect: _______________ Future perfect: __________ Past perfect: ____________

a) I had never used a laser mouse before.

b) We have installed a new cable.

c) They’ll have delivered it before 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

D. Complete the sentences with the right tense: past simple or present perfect. Use the verbs in brackets.

1. Apple _______________________their Macintosh computers in 1984. (introduce)

2. We’re got two computers in our school library but I _____________them only two or there times. (use)

3. Dad _______________________ a 14,400 modem in 1996. He ________________ a new one since then. (buy / not buy)

4. I don’t understand this game very well. You see, I _______________it before. (never play)

5. ______________________ with the computer, Tom? Then switch it off, please. (you finish)

6. Oh, look! Sorry! I ____________________________all your files! (delete)

7. I _______________________ an e-mail from China last night! It ________________from a student at Beijing University. (get / be)

8. Where’s the other joystick? _______________ it? It ________________ here yesterday. (you see / be)

9. Blaise Pascal ____________________in 1662. He _______________a French mathematician who ______________________ the calculating machine. (die / be / invent)

10. You ________________________a very nice picture on the screen, Pepe. But, what is it? (draw)

E. Complete these sentences with for or since.

1. My father has had Windows 95 ________________ it came out, and it still works well enough for him.

2. Apple have been making computers ______________ 1975, but Apple Macintosh computers have only existed _________________ about 15 or 16 years.

3. Laser printers have been on the market __________________ a long time now.

4. I first learnt how to use a computer at school, but I’ve learnt a lot more ____________ then.

5. Come on, James! You’re been on the Internet ________________ nearly two hours. I need to make a phone call.

6. I haven’t been on it _______________ so long! Only ________________ about 9 o’clock.

F. Put for or since with these words and phrases. ­­­­­­­­

1. ________ many years 4. ______ 1998

2. ________ Christmas 5. ______ I left school

3. ________ five minutes 6. _____ a very long time

G. Put the verbs in the future perfect or the past perfect.

1. When I printed the document I found that I (make) ___________________ a lot of mistakes.

2. Before the end of next century, today’s computers (become) _________________ museum pieces.

3. The first time I opened a ZIP program I had a terrible time, You see, I (not use) _______________ a compressor program before.

4. When Charles Babbage presented his “computer”, no one (see) _______________ anything like it before.

5. Next Christmas my sister (have) _____________________ her computer for exactly live years.

6. I’m still paying for my computer: I (not finish) ____________________ paying for it before it becomes obsolete.

7. Tom switched on his scanner but it didn’t work. Then he saw what was wrong, he (forget) ________________________ to plug it in.

8. If you don’t hurry, you (not finish) __________________ your homework before midnight.


H. Put the verbs in the correct tense: present perfect, future perfect, or past perfect.

Two friends of mine (1. arrive) ________________________ from the USA this afternoon, and now they (2. go) _____________________ to the hotel to rest. They were tired because the flight (3. be) _____________________ rough and they (4. not sleep) ______________________ at all. They told me that they (5. have) _________________a very difficult journey. Firstly, when they got to Miami Airport, they discovered that they both (6. forget) ____________________ their passports! Can you imagine? They took a taxi home and when they arrived back at the airport an airline employee told them that the plane (7. leave) ___________________ without them! Fortunately, he (8. make) _______________________ a mistake , and the plane was still there.

They (9. Not visit) _________________________ Britain before, in fact, they (10. never be) ______________________ out of the USA before, but by the time they go back next week they (11. see) ______________________ all the most famous parts of London, and, hopefully, they (12. visit) _______________________________ Stratford and Scotland.

H. Complete this dialogue with ever, yet, already, or just.

- Have you ________________ opened a computer case and looked inside?

- Yes, O bought my computer only six months ago, and I’ve _______________ opened the case twice to put in more RAM.

- Well, I’ve _______________ bought a new CD unit, but I haven’t installed it ___________

Can you give me a hand?

- OK. But haven’t you taken the screws out _______________ ?

- No, I haven’t even found the screwdriver ________________

- I’ve ________________ had an idea! Why don’t you ask Tom? He’s good with computer.

- Yes, but has he ______________ installed a CDROM?

- I don’t know. Let’s ask him.

Ashley Tildale & Avril Lavigne

Hi, Gusy!!!

As I'm always telling you, guys, listening to music is an entertaining enthusiastic way of learning new vocabulary, grammar constructions, different pronunciation, as well as you can enjoy a fantastic songs. Because of that, I wish you'd have a good time singing and listening to these trendy songs.

This song "It's All Right, It's OK" is sung by Ashley Tildale. I found this version with the English subtitles and translated into Spanis. I hope you'll enjoy it!

I know some of you love listening Avril Lavigne. That's why you can listen to one of her songs called "Why". Now, please listen to this calmly song and try to understand its lyrics. Keep on learning!

All Perfect Tenses (1)

Hi, guys!

Have you already studied these perfect tenses? Please, before doing the following exercises, study all the notes that I 've written on board these days, ok? 1, 2 , 3 , go!!!!

Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple

Complete these sentences with the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
1. Lucy _____________ (play) in a band many years ago.
2. I can’t give you the CD today because I ____________ (leave) it at home.
3. I ____________ (see) only one good rock film this year.
4. The concert _____________ (end) at 11.30 last nigh
5. She ___________ (feel) nervous before she went on stage.
6. Sally _____________ (be) a good singer since she wa
s a child.

B. Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box. Use the correct form of the Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple.
1. I can’t sing the song because I _______________ the words!
2. They ____________ two awards since the beginni
ng of the year.
3. He ______________ the bass guitar in a band when he was young.
4. Sarah _____________ famous since she joined the band.
5. Yesterday afternoon, I ____________ two tickets for the concert.

C. Complete the text. Use the correct form of the Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple.


Ricky Martin was born in Puerto Rico on 24th December 1971. Ricky _____________ (be) a performer since he was a small child. At primary he ____________ (sing) in the school choir and _____________ (act) in school plays. Also, when he was a child, he ___________ (appear) in TV adverts.
At the age of twelve, he ______________ (join) the Latin Boy band, Menudo, and ____________ (stay) with them for five years.
Since the age of eighteen, Ricky _____________ (divide) his time between acting and singing. As an actor, Ricky ____________ (appear) in several TV shows, including the American series, General Hospital.
As a singer, Ricky ____________ (make) many successful albums. In 1999, he ___________ (release) Livin’ la vida loca, from his first album in English.

D. Complete the sentences. Use FOR or SINCE.
1. Tom’s sister has liked Bjork ________ last year.
2. He hasn’t released a new single _______ long time.
3. Steven has been in the band _______ they first started.
4. Celine Dion has been at No.1 ______ four weeks.
5. I’ve enjoyed listening to Dover ______ years.
6. I’ve been learning to play the piano _______ I was there.

E. JUST, YET and ALREADY. Put the words in the correct order to from sentences.
1. records yet sold any haven’t they ________________________________________
2. seen on TV just Cher I’ve ______________________________________________
3. already has concert finished the _________________________________________
4. spoken have already Louise I to _________________________________________
5. yet new CD heard you have the ? ________________________________________

Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

F. Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.
1. twice in Manchester this year The Corrs performed have -____________________________________________________
2. practising Joe has all day been the guitar -____________________________________________________
3. playing how long been you have in the band ? -____________________________________________________
4. MTV watching all morning been my brother has -____________________________________________________
5. changed again has her image Madonna -____________________________________________________

G. Choose the correct alternatives.

1. My friends and I have danced / have been dancing here all night.
2. Suede has had / has been having a lot of big hits in Britain.
3. We’ve stood / ‘ve been standing here for over two hours.
4. Ben has listened / has been listening to his favourite CDs for hours.
5. I’ve switched on / ‘ve been switching on the TV to watch the European Top 20.
6. Kelly has looked forward / has been looking forward to seeing Robbie Williams for ages.
7. Rosie has bought / has been buying two new R.E.M. CDs.
8. My brother has lent / has been lending me his Walkman.
9. All Saints have recorded / have been recording their new album all week.
10. She has studied / has been studying English all the summer.

H. Complete the sentences. Use the correct from of the Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous.
1. Kate _______________ (always/like) Garbage.
2. The band ________________ (finish) playing and so we’re going home now.
3. I ___________________ (try) to play a difficult melody on the piano for hours.
4. Max ___________________ (not save) enough money to buy the CDs.
5. Jenny ___________________ (practise) a song for the school concert since last month.
6. I ______________________ (hear) that song lots of times but I don’t know what it’s called.
7. Paul ______________________ (learn) to play the saxophone for years.
8. They ________________________ (sing) really well since they came on stage.
9. The organisers __________________ (sell) a hundred tickets for the concert.
10. How long _______________________ (you/wait) to receive your tickets for the concert?

I. Complete the text. Use the correct form of the Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous.
For the last ten years, my older sister Gemma ______________ (learn) to play the guitar. Her ambition is to be a flamenco guitarist, so she has to work very hard. Since she was a small child, Gemma ______________ (like) folk music, and she _______________ (always/love) the Spanish in particular. So, for the last six months she ___________ (be) in Spain. During her Stay she ______________ (work) with some of the most brilliant soloists in the world. She _________________ (just/finish) a course with a teacher who once worked with Paco de Lucia. She _______________ (not become) as technically perfect as Paco yet, but some people say that she will one day.

J. Make questions to which examples are these answers. Begin with “How long…” or “Since when…”.
1. I have lived here for ten years. ______________________________?
2. He has been married since 1960. _____________________________?
3. Mary has been sleeping since nine o’clock. _____________________?
4. The window has been broken for a few days. ___________________?
5. The tap has been dripping since yesterday. ______________________?
6. They have made whisky in Scotland for hundreds of years.____________ ?

K. Put FOR, SINCE, YET, AGO, or EVER in the spaces.
1. I have used this pen ______________ 1999.
2. They have been abroad _____________ six months.
3. Has he written to you ______________ ?
4. Has he ____________ written to you ? 5. I visited Sweden nine months ____________ .
6. _____________ how long has Margaret been out ?
7. You have ___________ missed the train. It left two minutes ____________ .
8. Have you ____________ had an interview ?
9. Mr. Jones has _____________ filled in the application form for the job he saw in the paper an hour ____________ .
10. ______________ when have you taken sugar in your tea ?

L. Put the verbs in the correct tense (Present, Present Perfect or Past).
Arthur Green 1. ______________ (arrive) in Greenland last week. He 2. ___________ (spend) all last month doing a training course where he 3. ______________ (learn) to sell refrigerators to Eskimos but he 4. _______________ (not/sell) any yet. The Eskimos 5. _____________ (be) very friendly and helpful but they 6. ________________ (not/want) to buy fridges. Yesterday he 7. _____________ (go) to another town and he 8. _________________ (meet) a man who 9. ________________ (sell) two hundred. He 10. _______________ (go) to Greenland only three days ago!

M. Translate the following sentences into English:
1. Llevo tres meses estudiando chino. -_______________________________________
2. No me ha escrito aún porque no ha tenido tiempo. -_________________________
3. Nos aburrimos muchísimo en casa de la señora he Johnson. -__________________
4. Nunca hemos comido muffins antes. -_______________________________________
5. Ya he terminado los deberes, pero mi hermana no los ha hecho todavía. ______
6. He estado saliendo con ella desde las Navidades pasadas. -____________________

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Two years ago, some of friends recommended me to watch this film, I didn't know why, but I accepted. From that moment onwards, this became one of my favourite movies.

Even more, all my pupils could see and enjoy it, we actually saw this at Christmas. Last year, the students from the first year of ESO asked me to organise a ball such as the film one. We did it!!! It was gorgeous, it was an unforgottable experience, they sang and danced as if they were "dancing queens and kings". We had a very good time!!!

Once again, you can learn English in an entertaining way!

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Gomaespuminglish Lessons 7 & 8

English is really fun with Gomaespuminglish, isn't it?

Vámonos de vacaciones (=Spanish) =
Lets go to the actions of the cows ( = Gomaespuminglish)

¿Qués es eso? (=Spanish) = Cheese (=Gomaespuminglish)



I really want you to learn and improve all your skills.... because of that, I wish you would listen this new English lesson (3), you can learn to say "please" and "thank you". Remember English people are very "polite", ... I talked about this in my first essay (published 8th Sept.).
Well, they are used to saying these in many situations. Let's see and learn !!!

Future Will vs. Future Be Going to

HI, Guys!,

What about these two verbal forms? Do you notice the differences between them?

A. Choose the correct alternatives:
1.Your bag looks heavy. I´ll carry / I’m going to carry for you.
2. I’ve decided that I’ll study / I’m going to study Botany at university.
3. Get in the car and I’ll take / I’m going to take you to the train station.
4. We know that the conversation project will cost / is going to cost $ 100 million.
5. I can’t come to school tomorrow because I’ll go / I’m going to go to the dentist.
6. I think that pandas will disappear / are going to disappear before 2100.

B. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of WILL or GOING TO:
1. The temperature is falling fast and there are a lot of clouds. It _____________ (snow).
2. Don’t say anything about the surprise party to Nicky. She __________ (tell) everyone.
3. I ____________ (visit) my friend in Portugal. I’ve bought my plane ticket.
4. Oh, no! It’s raining. I ____________ (wear) my coat.
5. I think cities _____________ (become) more polluted in the future.
6. James ___________ (go) to the cinema with Louise on Saturday.
7. “Sarah phoned while you were out”. “I ___________ (call) her back now”.
8. I can’t go out tonight because I _____________ (do) my homework.

C. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of WILL or the Present Continuous.
1. I _____________ (open) the door for you.
2. This summer I ______________ (spend) a month in an African nature reserve.
3. The leader of the Green Party ______________ (see) the Prime Minister at 9.30.
4. It’s possible that in the future Britain _____________ (become) a hot country.
5. ______________ (you / stay) until the meeting finishes or do you have to go now?
6. Give me your telephone number and I’ll ___________ (phone) you later.

D. Say why we use WILL in the following sentences.
1. Will you bring me a coffee?
2. The government says the numbers of unemployed will go down next year.
3. I’m hungry, I think I will have lunch.
4. Will you give me a hand with these letters I have to write?
5. Yes, of course, you can dictate them and I’ll type them.

E. Say why we use BE GOING TO in the following sentences.
1. I am going to spend the summer with my Aunt Lucy.
2. Look at the time. We’re going to be late!
3. I’m going to find myself a summer job for the holidays.
4. Be careful! You are going to do with all that money you won?

F. Decide which tenses are best in these sentences: WILL; BE GOING TO or PRESENT CONTINUOUS.
.- Dad can’t drive us to the disco tomorrow night, Mum. He’s working / He‘ll work.
- Oh, I didn’t know that. Well, I’ll take / I’m going to take you then.

- In the future more and more people will work / are working from computers at home.

- Are you going to lend / will you lend me twenty pounds, please?
- I can’t at the moment, I’m afraid, but I’m going to lend / I’ll lend you ten when I get paid.

- I’ll have / I’m having to work overtime tonight, I think, so don’t make dinner for me.
- Oh, no don’t you remember? We’ll have / ‘re having dinner with Tom and Sue tonight.

- The phone is ringing. I’ll / I’m going to answer it.

G. Make up endings for these sentences using the future tense WILL.

1. It’s getting late, so I think ______________________________________________________

2. When Pete has saved enough money he ___________________________________________

3. If you need any help __________________________________________________________

4. John’s studied a lot for this exam, so he’s sure that ___________________________________

5. As soon as I get the chance to write ______________________________________________

6. The weatherman says that this weekend ___________________________________________

H. Make requests for these situations. Use WILL and verbs from the box.






1. I’ve come out without any money. _______________________________________________

2. I’ve got to clean up my room before Mum gets back. _________________________________

3. I’m trying to listen to the news. _________________________________________________

4. It’s a bit cold in here. _________________________________________________________

5. Someone’s left the light on. ____________________________________________________

I. Choose between WILL and GOING TO in these sentences. Circle the right tense.

1. Take an aspirin for your headache. You are going to feel / you will feel better.

2. Don’t worry! I’ll clean / I am going to clean the car for you.

3. Cheerio! I’ll phone / I’m going to phone you on Saturday.

4. Can you pass me the shampoo, please? I will wash / I’m going to wash my hair.

5. Oh, look! Those two cars will / are going to crash.

6. What are you going to do / will you do with this old chair?

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