Wednesday, December 30, 2015

England Skies

Hi, there!!!, 
I hope you'll like this song ;)

One Picture - One Story

(Make up a story)
Hi, There!!!,

This speaking exercise is very easy, you only need some pictures and divide your students into different groups. 

Then, ask them to make up a story looking at these photos

Every group has one image and they must answer these helpful questions:
(Make up a story)
  1. What are they doing?
  2. Where are they?
  3. What happened?
  4. What do they feel?
  5. What do you think it's going to happen?

Your students must work all together, use imagination, share their ideas, come an agreement and tell their story to the rest of the class. I hope you'll discover crazy stories and have fun!
(Make up a story)
(Make up a story)


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Spot Differences - ORAL GAME

HI, Guys!!!,

As you well know, being fluent in a new language is one of the most difficult task. Because of that, I really like playing this game with the students, all of them get involved, take part, have fun and SPEAK ENGLISH!!! 

It's very simple: Find the Differences, just compare and contrast these two pictures!
You can use these expressions:
  1. In Picture A or In Picture 1, I can see ...
  2. In Picutre B or In Picutre 2, there is / there isn't ...
  3. I can find ... in picture ... WHEREAS in picture ...


Monday, December 14, 2015

SoRRy - JuSTiN BieBeR

Hi, Guys!!!,

I know most of you love this trendy song, it sounds just great! Once again, "take the chance" and learn English!!! ;)

If you want to check your listening skill, click on:
Is it too late now to say sorry ...
Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness
I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice ...

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