Thursday, December 22, 2016

Photograph, by Ed Sheeran

Hi, Guys!!!,

I hope you'll like this song and this video as much as me! I've just copied and pasted its lyrics, it's so lovable!!! "Loving can hurt sometimes, but it's the only thing that I know, ..."

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PaSt SiMpLe VS. PaSt CoNtiNuous

Hi, Guys!!!, 

Do you know the differences between these two Past tenses? Firstly, you'd better study your grammar notes, after that, you can click on the following links and check if you already know these verbal tenses.

Past S. vs. Past Cont.

Past S. vs. Past Cont. (2)

Past S. vs. Past Cont. (3)

Past S. and Past Cont. (4)

2º ESO - 1st Term Revision

Hi, Guys!!!,

If you need some extra-practise, firstly, you'd better study your grammar notes and vocab, and then, just click on the following links to check your knowledge.

1º ESO - Mosaic 1 - Unit 3 Worksheets

Hi, there!!!, 

We've already finished Unit 3, so why don't you click on the following links and check what you've learned? 1, 2, 3, go!!!

Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Make a Xmas Wreath, by ESL students from SAFAUR School

Hi, Guys!!!, 

At last, our dream came true! Thank YOU ALL, my lovely kids;)
In this video, my ESL students are going to explain how to make a Christmas Wreath. Besides, not only you can listen to them in the video, but also, you can read the instructions here too. Thanks a lot for your cooperation, enthusiasm, teamwork and motivation!!!! It's been really worthwhile and enriching experience!!!

Now, let's watch and enjoy these fantastic videos.✌😊 (Click on this link to watch them!) Video 1: HOW TO MAKE A XMAS WREATH

Video 2: A Christmas Wreath by ESL students from SAFAUR School 

A Christmas Wreath, by ESL students from SAFAUR School in Seville

This is what you need:
1.        A pencil.
2.        Glue
3.        Scissors
4.        A large plate and a small one.
5.        2 pieces of cardboards (two different shades of green).
6.        1 small red cardboard
7.        Red ribbon.

STEP 1: Using the leaf-photocopy, copy and trace it on to the cardboard to make a template. Look at the picture.

STEP 2: Use the leaf template and make 7 light green leaves and 7 dark green ones. Trace and cut them out.

STEP 3: You need the plates to make two different circles (one bigger than the other). Cut the cardboard now and you'll get the wreath base.

STEP 4: Take a green crayon and make the nerves of the leaves.

STEP 5: With the glue, you start sticking all the leaves on the base.
You'd better face the leaves down in order not to see the pencil traces.

STEP 6: Use a coin to make the little red circles. So, put the coin on the red cardboard and make 12 circles.

STEP 7: Take the red ribbon, tie it and hang on your Christmas wreath.

1°B ESO                       9th December, 2016


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