Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Make a Xmas Wreath, by ESL students from SAFAUR School

Hi, Guys!!!, 

At last, our dream came true! Thank YOU ALL, my lovely kids;)
In this video, my ESL students are going to explain how to make a Christmas Wreath. Besides, not only you can listen to them in the video, but also, you can read the instructions here too. Thanks a lot for your cooperation, enthusiasm, teamwork and motivation!!!! It's been really worthwhile and enriching experience!!!

Now, let's watch and enjoy these fantastic videos.✌😊 (Click on this link to watch them!) Video 1: HOW TO MAKE A XMAS WREATH

Video 2: A Christmas Wreath by ESL students from SAFAUR School 

A Christmas Wreath, by ESL students from SAFAUR School in Seville

This is what you need:
1.        A pencil.
2.        Glue
3.        Scissors
4.        A large plate and a small one.
5.        2 pieces of cardboards (two different shades of green).
6.        1 small red cardboard
7.        Red ribbon.

STEP 1: Using the leaf-photocopy, copy and trace it on to the cardboard to make a template. Look at the picture.

STEP 2: Use the leaf template and make 7 light green leaves and 7 dark green ones. Trace and cut them out.

STEP 3: You need the plates to make two different circles (one bigger than the other). Cut the cardboard now and you'll get the wreath base.

STEP 4: Take a green crayon and make the nerves of the leaves.

STEP 5: With the glue, you start sticking all the leaves on the base.
You'd better face the leaves down in order not to see the pencil traces.

STEP 6: Use a coin to make the little red circles. So, put the coin on the red cardboard and make 12 circles.

STEP 7: Take the red ribbon, tie it and hang on your Christmas wreath.

1°B ESO                       9th December, 2016


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