Monday, April 29, 2013

University Entrance Exams (Selectividad - English Exams)

Hi, Guys!, 

Well, most of you are going to take University entrance exams (SAT exams) very soon. And as you well know, you need to take a foreign language exam, very likely an English exam. Because of that, I'd like to share with all of you some interesting links where you can find lots of exams, ready to be printed and done by yourself!

Don't be afraid, you've got enough time to get ready, read carefully your exam papers and try to do it as best as you can!!! ;)
If you need to practise for the coming 'Selectividad' (=University Entrance Exams), just click on the following links:
  1. RedaccionesEnIngles-pau-andalucia (lots of exams corrected)
  2. (all the Andalusian exams)
  3. (many resources)
  4. (Mock Exams)
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

HaVe /GeT + SoMeThiNg + DoNe

Hi, Guys!, 

If you need more exercises to review HAVE /GET + STH + DONE, click on:

Then, you can also download the following exercises and go on practising, just click on: 
1) Passive Causative Verbs
3) Cuasative Verbs (Key Answers)
4) gr.havedone.pdf

Have a Nice Day!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Make a Musical in 4 Weeks (Comenius Project)

Hi, Teachers!, 
"Sing in the Rain"

I suppose some of you are really familiar with the European Comenius Project, aren't you? At school, we've been working very hard on "How to Make a Musical in 4 Weeks", it was a very entertaining workshop! Because of that, I'd like to share with you all this outline to encourage you to organise a musical with your students. 

Needless to say, it is a truly tiring task, but it is so rewarding and enriching that you and your students will never forget that experience, it can help them to improve their English, to feel relaxed in front of an audience, to have fun with other classmates, ... 

If you're interested, just click on:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ComParaTiVeS and SuPerLatiVeS

Hi, Guys!, 

What is the best football team in your country? What is the funniest TV show? Is that book  more interesting than this one? Is Rihanna better than Beyoncé? ...

You could guess what I'm focusing on ... Yeah! ComParaTiVeS and SuPerLatiVeS in English! 

If you need to practise or revise how to make Comparatives and Superlatives, you can click on the following links: 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bruno Mars - Locked Outta Heaven

Hi, there!,

I hope you'll enjoy this famous song, you can also listen and read its lyrics ... ;)

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