Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TaBoo - a popular game to learn and practise your English

Hi, there!,

Taboo Cards
I think you all know how to play TABOO, it's really amusing when you play with all your friends and family. Why don't you play it at school?

1. As always, you'll need to pick up some pieces of cardboard and cut them into pieces. Then, the teacher can select some common words to help students to speak up and participate. The students and teacher will write down one word in every card. Other day, he / she could bring other difficult words to define.

2. One student picks up one card and has to define the word given without saying it. The first one who guesses the word gets some points. Now it's his / her turn.

3. If your students are older (secondary or uppersecondary level), you, as a teacher, can write one large font word included in a circle and other words crossed out. Now, the student has to define the word given without saying all the words appeared on the card. (see the example in the photo).

4. I hope you'll enjoy this game,


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