Monday, August 29, 2011

MIME - a fun game to learn English


Some years ago, I made up this oral game "MIME" to play at the end of the lessons at school , for my adult beginners, ... and they always have fun and learn so much!!! It's very simple and effective for English students.

As you can see in the photo, you have to cut some pieces of cardboard into small pieces.

Then, you as a teacher, choose one semantic field to practise, for example "SportS" or "ProfessionS or JobS". After that, write down one sport or job on one of the sides, and on the other one, you just write "MIME", the name of the game.

Later, ask one of your students to pick up one card. He /she has to mime, he / she can't speak anything, maybe some noises. The other classmates have to raise their hands when they know the answer. Then, the student has to write down the word on the board or spell this for the rest of the students. (Everybody is going to laugh and have a good time, SURE!)

After that, you can pronounce and repeat all the words appeared.

I strongly recommend you to play MIME in class, LeaRNinG EnGLisH iS AlWayS FUN!!! ;)

(I'd be pleased if you told me your experience with this oral game).

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