Friday, October 28, 2011

Celebrating HaLLoWeeN!!!

Hi, GUYS!, 
I'm pleased to meet you and teach you English!!! We're always having fun all together, it's awesome, guys!

(From left to right: Encarni, Paco, Marisa, Carmen, Ana, Toñi, Lorenzo, Gema, Mª José; at the bottom, José, Enrique, Antonio and me). HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Well, did you enjoy our Halloween party yesterday? If you look at the pictures, YES! and what about M. Jackson's Thiller? It was fantastic, wasn't it?
Ana becomes a WITCH"""" booh!!!!

I hope you'll like the photos, we'll take more when the missing classmates come, ok? Thanks Antonio for coming ;) 

Three frightening witches are making a magic potion...


  1. ¡qué divertidas son tus clases! me encantan...!
    Un beso,

  2. THANK U*, darling, your comment makes me happier!!! ;)

  3. Wadda?
    Well, Michael Jackson didn't need such a music video to scare people!
    Nice evening, indeed.
    See you soon-ish.

  4. Well, at that time, he didn't scare anyone... anyway, as you said: nice evening!
    See U!*


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