Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 HI, Guys!,

Pleased to meet you all, guys!!! Thanks a lot for your nice words, your enthusiasm, your fantastic role-plays, your participation everyday ,... thank you, thank you so much, YOU ARE VERY NICE!!! I hope you'll keep on learning English, you're on the way!!! I'm proud of being your English teacher! ;) Keep in touch!!!
Rocío and Mª José are speaking, they have a good accent!

Ana & Ana Mari are speaking English
Israel & Antonio, glad together!

Lorena and George "in the Jungle" are speaking good English, but they are quite "PON"

Ana Mª is getting her certificate, she is a great pupil!

Ana is getting her certificate, she studied a lot!

Rocío is getting her certificate, her accent improved a lot!

PS. Sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy! I hope all of you will be fine!!! :)

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