Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hi, Teachers!,

I'm sure you, teachers, already use most of these sentences in your English class, but I just want to refresh our memory and post these common expressions. If you use others, I'll be pleased to add them to this list! They are really functional for our students, they feel more comfortable when they see these sentences on a poster in class, they look at them and speak up!

Your students and you, as a teacher, can also create your own list to encourage them to speak up, learn new words, refresh their memory, and so on. Now, are you ready? 1,2,3, GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I've chosen 30 sentences, I know there are more, but there could be enough for our students, then, we can add new others.

C l a s s r o o m    L a n g u a g e


  1. May I come in, please?
  2. I’m sorry for being late.
  3. How do you say that in English?
  4. What’s the meaning of …?
  5. Can you repeat, please?
  6. Can you speak louder?
  7. I don’t / can’t understand.
  8. How do you pronounce this?
  9. Is this OK?
  10. Did you correct our exams?
  11. Can I correct, please?
  12. Can we play an English game today?
  13. Can I borrow a pencil / pen, please?
  14. Can I open the window?
  15. Good morning!


  1. Good morning everyone! / Hi, there! / How are you today?
  2. Stop talking, please! / Be quiet!
  3. Who is missing today?
  4. Open your Student’s Book / Workbook at page …
  5. You have 3 min. to do this! Quickly! Hurry up!
  6. Any questions? Everything is clear enough?
  7. Can anyone tell me …?
  8. Put your hands up if you know the answer.
  9. Sit down properly.
  10. Please, do these exercises while I’m away.
  11. Who wants to start reading?
  12. Let’s listen and answer the questions.
  13. Let me think / explain this again.
  14. Good luck! / Well done! / Great Job!
  15. Have a nice day / weekend!

I hope you'll find them useful!!! ;)


  1. Of course, it is useful... I like your blog. I think we share the same thinking about teaching English. ;)

  2. Thank u so much.
    It´s useful !!!


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