Thursday, February 28, 2013

OnE PiCtuRe - OnE WoRd ( a fun English Game)

"Fireworks, Bridge, ..."
Hi, There!,

Onceagain, I'd like to share with all of you another FUN ENGLISH GAME!!!! It's really entertaining and worthwhile for all your students, and even you, as a teacher!!!!, but you'll need to spend some time to create your own cards. Take it easy, it's not very difficult! Let me tell you ...

"Sunset, Sky, ..."
1. You need to pick up many different pictures, you may take them from magazines, ... These may be landscapes, people, animals on a farm, etc. Use your imagination!

2. You'd better stick these pictures or draws on a piece of cardboard.

3. Show one of this card to your students.
"Birds, Smile, Scenery, ..."
4. As fast as they can, your children must say a word related to this card, the first word which comes to their mind. You'll need to take turns; or you can also divide your students into different groups, as you prefer since there are many possibilities.

"House, Flower, Fence, ..."

At last, I encourage you to carry out this Fun English Game with your students, I'm sure they'll have fun as well as learn English!!!! ;)

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