Wednesday, March 20, 2013



When you speak English fluently, it's very important to add some interjections to your speech. So, your English will sound more colloquial, but always, you should bear in mind the context. 

Let's review and learn some interjections to convey emotion.

Here you can find some of them ...
  1. AHEM (attention, please!)
  2. OH!, AH! = Ok. I see (understanding)
  3. OUCH! (That hurts!)
  4. OH, YES!, SURE! (certainty)
  5. EH, HUH = WHAT?, PARDON? (misunderstanding)
  6. HM = I'm wondering (Thinking)
  7. ICH, YUK (disgusting)
  8. OOPS (being surprised)
  9. WHOA (unbelievable)
  10. YEAH, YEEEEEAH, YES!!! (excitment)

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