Sunday, October 6, 2013

SpeaKiNG "OraL ExaM ToPiCs"

Hi, Guys!, 

I hope all of you will learn English everyday! Little by little, but every single day ;) Because of that, I've just selected some questions, they are oral exam topics. Don't be panic, they are quite easy and we're going to practise them in class. Nevertheless, you should download these topics and prepare them. Keep in mind, I just want you to SPEAK UP!!! We'll correct your mistakes and pronunciation, ok? I promise I'll be patient! ;) Sure!!!

Now, let's see ...


·         What's your name?
·         How old are you?
·         What do you do?
·          Where do you work / study?
·         Where do you live?
·         What do you do in your spare time?
·         Have you got any brother or sister?
·         Have you got any pet?
·         Can you drive?
·         Can you speak any other languages?
·         What do you usually do every afternoon?
·         What do you usually do at the weekends?
·         How many friends have you got?
·         How is your best friend like?
·         Why are you studying ICT (Information Communication and Technologies)?
·         What kinds of movies do you like?
·         What kinds of books do you like?
·         What kind of music do you like?
·         What games do you like?
·         What do you think about computer games?
·         What are your hobbies?
·         What sports do you like?
·         Do you practise any sport? Which one?
·         What magazines do you like?
·         Have computers improved our lives?
·         Can you tell me any positive things about computers? And negative?
·         What do you plan to do during the next holidays?
·         Do you like meeting people?
·         Have you ever travelled abroad? Which countries? Why?
·         What countries would you like to visit? Why?
·         What do you want to be in the future?

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