Monday, January 20, 2014

ReLaTiVeS CLauSeS (Defining and Non-defining Cl.) for Secondary & Upper-secondary Students

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These days, we are learning or revising Relative Clauses in English, they are also called Defining and Non-defining relative clauses. As you well know, you must practise them a lot before taking the exam, and also, now you can use these new structures in your compositions. So, I recommend you to click on the following links, they are truly useful!!! 

1. inglescarmelitas (theory + exercises)


2. (theory + exercises + key answers)

3. Relatives (exercises + key answers)

4. eoimanresa (exercises + key ansers)

5. bachiller.sabuco (exercises) 

6. iesdamasoalonso (exercises + key answers)

Besides, if you click on the label Relatives (on the right side), other posts related to this will be displayed.

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