Sunday, March 23, 2014

2nd Term - REVISION for Upper Secondary Students

Hi, Guys!!!,

Once again, you can find many useful links and worksheets ready to be downloaded. You can also check your answers. At last, but not least, I call on you to work hard and get a very good final mark! ;) Good Luck and keep on working!!!!

1. All tenses: 

2. Defining vs. Non-defining Relative Clauses:  

3. Conditionals: 
Rephrasing Conditionals

4. Questions & Answers: 
Questions and answers + KEY

5. Used To, Be Used To and Get Used To:

6. So, Such, Too and Enough:

1. All tenses:

2. Questions and Answers: 
 Questions and answers (1)
 Questions and answers (2)

3. Reported Speech: (This link is the most important of all)

4. Modal verbs: 

5. Conditionals:  Conditionals

6. I wish / If only:

"Your future is in your hands"

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