Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tips to teach English to children (who are less than 3 years old)

Hi, Guys!!!!, 

Nowadays, we are deeply concerned about the importance of learning English, but there are always some questions: "When should children start learning English?, How?, What would be the best methodology?, Who should teach them English? Native speakers or English speakers? and then, what about the experts' oponions?".

Well, as far as I am concerned, I prefer learning and approaching English in a very natural enjoyable way. In other words, we can stimulate some parts of the brain that control language, that's all for now! since they are very young. We'd better arouse their children's curiosity and desire of knowledge. Because of that, I'd like to give some easy tips to make them start learning English. 

1. ENGLISH SONGS: I recommend you to buy or download from iTunes these funny albums: Bilingual Songs or Kids Songs, and then, what do we have to do? Sing them aloud with our children! Sooner or later, you would be surprised by your kids singing them alone!!! ;)

2. FLASHCARDS: there are plenty of webs where you can download and print flashcards, they are really functional for children!! Not only you can teach them English with these flashcards, but also your mother tongue, they will learn many new words (animals, sports, colours, numbers, ... and so on).

3. READING AN ENGLISH FAIRY TALE: Everyday before going to bed, you can read them bilingual or English fairy tales, don't worry too much about your pronunciation, try to do it as best as you can! Your children only want to get relaxed and see the pictures of the book. Little by little, they will discover new words.

4. PUZZLES: there are many puzzles whose pieces can be used as flashcards. Even more, you can say that new word in both languages: English and your mother tongue.

5. TV PROGRAMMES: Fortunately, we can easily find many TV programmes which can help our children learn English. So, watching TV can be a really functional way of learning English! And it's also very simple, just change the language of your TV. So, don't waste time and make them watch their favourite episodes in your target language.

Every morning, when you wake up your children, you can sing an English song, such as: "Good morning, my friend, it's time to wake up!!!".  Besides, you can say some common routine instructions in English, for example: "Come on! Hurry up!"; "it's time to go to bed"; "it's time to brush your teeth"; or teaching them to say: "thank you", "hello, hi!", "bye, bye", "see you later, alligator".

7. Avoid asking them questions as if they were being examined, for example: "How do you say that in English? Come one!" If we do that, children may not dare to speak any English word. So, we can't forget our main goal: learning Enlgish is always fun!!!! It needs to be a natural learning!

I hope you'll find this post interesting!!!

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