Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3º ESO - Project: Create Your own English Game

 Hi, Guys!!!, 

As I told you in class, we're going to work in this final project. I hope you'll enjoy and learn! ;) good luck!

Project: Create your own English Game

1. Members of the group (4 or 5 students).

2. Working together, you have to design the board game, the cards, the rules, the dices, the tokens, everything. We’d appreciate your originality, creativity, design, etc. (COLLECTIVE WORK and MARK).

3. The whole cards must be used to revise everything learned throughout  the year, i.e. vocabulary, grammar questions with multiple choice answers, fill in the gaps, mime these verbs, make up a dialogue, can you finish this sentence?, draw this word to your partners, … And this part of the project is individual, in other words, every member must work in class, choose one topic or part of the game, think and write his / her own task, etc. (INDIVIDUAL MARK)

4. DEADLINE: 12th June, 2015.

5. To get some inspiration, you can click on:

5. google: English board games (images): you’ll find many interesting examples.

6. Make Learning English Fun!!!

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