Friday, September 18, 2015

English Calendar PROJECT

English Calendar Project (my students are working on this)
Hi, There!!!,

These days, my students and I are working on an English Calendar, not only they can see the date, weather everyday, but also, they will learn a new English WORD, it's like a visual dictionary. I've divided them into eight groups, every group has their own month and they look up 20 words per month. Obviously, every month stands for a different topic and the students have to find the word, its phonetic symbols and a picture which helps them to understand its meaning. 
Thanks to this interesting project, my students are getting involved in the process of learning, they are working in a cooperative way, they can learn a new word easily everyday, and last, but not least, they are decorating the class!!! It's a wonderful and enriching experience! I hope you'll like it.

Learning English is always fun!!! ;)

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