Thursday, April 27, 2017

Health and illness Vocabulary

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'Have you ever had chicken pox?', asked the doctor.

Do you know what? It's not the same to say in English: 'I've broken my leg' , to say 'Break your leg'. So, the first means: 'I was running when I stumbled on a log, fell down and broke my leg"; whereas the second one means: 'Good Luck'

Therefore, today I'd like to show you how I usually introduce and work with this vocabulary Health and Illness (English Plus 2, Student's Book for 2ºESO) with my students

Firstly, I just show them the new vocabulary using these worksheets and mime the different situations. Then, I ask them to do the following activities in pairs, I need them to get familiar with the vocabulary (how to write these new words, their meanings, their pronunciation, ... and so on). If you want to see the activities, click on:

After that, I love ROLE PLAYS!!! So, I can use the following worksheet and also this link:bogglesworldesl- doctor_roleplay, and later, I ask my students to create their own dialogues in pairs. 

Needless to say, I help them with the expressions and I always encourage them to speak up!, since it's the best way to learn the target language ;-) Of course, when they feel involved in the process of learning, it's quite easy for them and for me!

I hope you'll like this post and good luck (or I'd better say: BREAK YOUR LEG! ;)

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