Friday, June 23, 2017

Reinforcement Material - 2ºESO - activities (Refuerzo Suspensos)

Hi, there!, 

If you need to do extra practise, just click on the following links:

1. (in this blog, you'll find all the worksheets taken from ENGLISH PLUS 2, which we've been doing in your booklet along this year, you can repeat them to REVIEW GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY).
2. islcollective - Pres. Simple vs. Pres. Cont.
3. islcollective - Pres. S. vs. Pres. Cont.
4. islcollective - Past Simple and Past Cont.
5. islcollective - 1st Conditional
6. islcollective - Fut. Will and Going to
7. islcollective - Pres. Perf. Simple
8. islcollective - Comparatives and Superlatives
9. islcollective - A, AN, SOME and ANY
10. islcollective - A, AN, SOME and ANY (2)
11. islcollective - THERE IS and THERE ARE
12. islcollective - IRREGULAR VERBS (How to learn the list) 

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