Saturday, December 4, 2010

FuN PrOjEcT for ChRiStMaS (post 2)

Hi, Teachers!,

Would you like to decorate your classroom for Christmas? Well, let me give you some interesting ideas.

Three years ago, my workmate Cris, who is the Art teacher, carried out a similar Christmas tree with her pupils, and it was brilliant!

You only need some pieces of multi-colored cardboard, especially green, red and yellow. To make the Christmas tree, you have to draw on the green cardboard the shape of the tree, then cut it out. After that, you have to do the same with the little stars and red balls, where students can wirte their wishes fot the coming year. If you do so with your older students, you can practise the grammar construction: "I wish". So, every pupil could take part, decorate and learn English. Speaking of younger students, they could feel more involved and enthusiastic with this learning activity.

To learn and pracitse new vocabulary related to Christmas, you may need to spend some time showing your students some flashcards, posters, etc. but, why don't you ask your pupils to do these posters?

There are many possible ways to find out these Christmas words, for instance: INTERNET! Thus, your students, divided into small groups, have to look for as many Christmas words as they can, then they'll do their posters.

Afterwards, they can show the other children their posters and ask each other about the new words.

I hope you'll like these fun ideas! :)

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