Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks a lot!, guys

Hi, there!,

First of all, "Nice to meet you all!",

Thanks a lot for your participation and effort to speak English,

Thank U 4 your spontaneous conversation in Spanglish,

Thank U 4 making me laugh all the time,

Thank U 4 meeting you and teaching you English,

Thank U 4 your cakes, milkshake, water, coffee, sweets, napkins...

I'm going to miss you, Guys!,
I hope I'll "see you later, alligator!"

HappY NeWYeaR, My BesT WisheS!!! ;)


  1. Hey,Valme!! How are you?? I hope you aren't so busy,you usually have a lot of work...Like to me this holidays xDDD I'm painting now a part of Boticelli's picture "The birth of Venus" and I have one more picture,20 Draws,and others...blof xD
    Well,Happy New year!!I wish Melchor Gaspar and Baltasar (Or Santa) would be generous with you.
    Kisses! =D

  2. Manuel (adivinad cual de los 2 xD)Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    Greetings to all, I also I had a great, which I'm not going to see more, tell you that it was a pleasure and to be given the second level that we'll see by the academy though I walk by another class .

    xoxoxo everyone.

    Happy New Year.

    PD: lo reconozco que me he ayudado solo un poquito de google, pero espero que no me suspendas xDDD

  3. Valme answered Icharus:

    Hi, Manuel!!!! I'm glad to hear from U ;) Can I see any of your paintings? Please, tell me how...
    You know what? Botticelli is one of my favourite painter, specially the Birth of Venus, I just travelled to Firenze to see that beautiful painting... Enjoy art!

    My best wishes for U, ARTIST!!!! I hope you'll get good marks at university. I wish the 3 Men would bring you a lot of presents!!!


  4. Valme told Manuel?:


    Thanks a lot again, boy. I hope you keep on studying English ;) And I'd be pleased if you told the others this surprise.

    PS. I know who U R, so FAILED.
    Now, can you ask Alicia to write to me for the translation? thank U

    XOXOXO, Valme

  5. I would show them...I want put my pictures and draws on web but I don't find an (adaptaded?) page.I thought open ANOTHER blog xD But I think that it won't be successful...