Sunday, January 16, 2011

Practical Idioms as well as Decorating Your Classroom

Hi, Teachers!,

Many times in class, our students ask us "How can I say 'hacer la vista gorda' in English?", "Fat sight?", "Oh, no, no, ... they say: "Turn a blind eye".
Becuase of that, it's very constructive and effective if you use a small white board in class and every week, you write down a new English idiom for your students.Even more, I'm going to propose you to have a look at the following list.

Obviously, you can create your own list of idioms and hang these later as a poster.

hacer falta to be lacking hacer la vista gorda to turn a blind eye
hacer las maletas to pack

hacer lo posible to do one's best

hacer muecas to make faces

hacer pinta to play hookey

llorar a lágrima viva to cry like a baby

llorar a mares to cry a lot

lo hecho hecho está what is done is done
lo mismo da it's all the same

manos a la obra get to work

meter la pata to mess up

muerto de cansancio dead tired

ni pensarlo don't even think about it

no poder dar crédito a los oídos to not believe my ears

por consguiente as a result
por lo tanto therefor
por resultas de as a result of

por su cuenta all by himself

prender fuego a to set fire to

puesto que since

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