Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking - Describing Famous People

Hi, there!,

I'd like to share with all of you the following motivating task (similar to GUESS WHO?), it's very easy to prepare and really functional for students. By means of this oral activity, they are going to learn and practise how to describe physical appearance and clothes.

1. Firstly, children must learn how to describe people's complexion, hair, eyes, etc. such as "She has got long straight brown hair", "He's relatively tall", etc.

2. Secondly, they learn clothes vocabulary and write down sentences such as "She is wearing fantastic red cardigan, blue jeans", etc.

3. Materials: You need to buy a magazine (for example: Hello!). Then, you cut some photos of famous people and celebrities (look at the picture).

4. You deliver these photos to your students, they must hide these from the other students. At first, you can ask them to write down the description of their famous person, and / or then, they have to read their description. Besides, children can add more extra information, such as "She is married to David Beckham", by this way, your students write a more detailed description, and this makes easier for the rest of students to guess the famous person or celebrity. The student who guesses the celebrity described has a "sweet point". Now, it's his/her turn.

I hope you'll find it interesting! ;)

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