Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UseFuL ExpreSSionS to TRAVEL

Hi, Guys!,

Are you going abroad this summer? If you are travelling to a foreign country soon, you'll need to refresh your English!!! Don't forget this language is everywhere!, at the airports, at the restaurants, hotels, ...

So, why don't you look at the following expressions and dialogues?

Thanks to David Peña and Juan Carlos Gacio, two of my pupils, we can find a great list of useful expressions. BON VOYAGE!!!

At hotel

* I'd like a single / double room for a night / a couple of days, please.
* How much is this room?
* Yes, I have a reservation. / No, I don't have a reservation.
* Can I have a room with TV?
* Here is my passport / my documents.
* I'll be staying here for three days.
* How much do I owe you?
* Thanks.

At the airport
* Here is your passport, your boarding pass.
* Where is the boarding gate?
* Where is the baggage claim?
* Where is the check-in point?
* Do you have anything to declare?
* How long are you going to stay here?
* Can you put your bags on these scales, please?
* Thanks for your help.

* Could you tell me where I can buy the subway / bus tickets, please?
* Where is the nearest station?
* Could you give a map showing the stops?
* I'd like to buy a single / round ticket, please.

* Can you tell me what line bus / metro I should get to go to the museum, please?
* Which line goes to ...?
* Do I need exact change for the ticket?
* How much is the ticket / fare / token?
* Thanks a lot.

Food and Drink

* I'd like to have (a) coke / juice / water / coffee / soft drink.
* Do you have a menu?
* Can I have a sandwich, please?
* Can you show me the ingridients? I can't understand you.

* How much is this? How much are these?
* Can I pay with my credit card? only cash?
* Thank you.

Bank and Money
* Where is the currency exchange?
* I'd like to change some money.
* What comission do they charge?
* In bills or in small change.
* Where do I sign?


* Hi, I'm looking for a grocery shop, can you help me, please?

*Can I try on this t-shirt?
* How much is it? How much does it cost?
* Cash or credit?

* These jeans suit me well, they are the right size.

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