Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Art of Croche and Knit

HI, There!,

Have you ever heard about YARN BOMBING

Well, this is a new fashionable form of Street Art! Many people who love croching and knitting decorate public places with their colourful works, as you can see in these pictures. What do you think? Do you like this work of Art? 

New York city

This recent street art is said to have begun in 2005, when the artist Magda Sayed knitted a cozy for the door handle of her Houston boutique, it has been spread around the world since then. So, many ephemeral works of art decorate and cover subways, metro seats, lamposts, sidewalk cracks, bikes, cars, statues, etc.  However, the yarn bombers usually do this at night, becuase it is illegal. 

One of the most famous yarn bombers is an American woman. She worked as a professional textile artist and she is graduated from California College of the Arts. The first time she saw yarn bombing, she was delighted, she thought it was beautiful, funny, surprising ... she loved this anonymous art and she decided to call herself "Streetcolor", then she started decorating her home ....

 By the way, last 4th November, many knitters and crocheters were invited by the mentioned artist Streetcolor to gather on Oak Plaza to mark the occasion of a museum yarn bombing.

I hope you'll find this post interesting and entertaining! I love creativity and art!
To my grandma and my aunt who love croching and knitting, they've made me lots of wonderful works of art!!!;)

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