Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hi, Guys!,

(From letf to right: Encarni, José Luis, Paco, Mª José, Marisa, Gema, Carmen, Antonio Lorenzo, José, Elena, Toñi; at the bottom: Valme, Enrique, Antonio and Ana)

Nice to meet you all!!! I was so pleased to be your English teacher these months! Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm, support, effort, ... I'll never forget your funny role-plays, spontaneous conversations, dictations, ... you've been very good students, and NICE PEOPLE. I think Antonio, the other teacher completely agrees with me!, haha ;)

(José Luis, the best student in outer space)
(Mª José, good at listening ;P)
(Ana, the most original student

 (Ready for the party?)

Now, look at the pictures we took yesterday. Did you have fun? 

I hope I'll see you again ;) My best wishes ;P

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