Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SAT Exams - PAU Andalucia June 2013

Hi, Guys!, 

This week, many students are taking SAT exams to come into University. Good Luck! I hope you'll pass!
Now, I want to show you the English exams which they took yesterday. Do you find them difficult or easy? Let's see ...
OPTION A: "Are mobile phones dangerous?"

Possible answers:
1. Yes, ll. 1-3.
2. No, ll. 8-10.
3. Because ll.11-13.
4. False ll 4-5 "... the radio waves in mobile phones are lower than in radio frequency".
5. True ll. 13-14 Many years ago, people smoked ... not aware of the effects of cigarettes ...".

6. CONCERN (l.6) Noun
7. Healthy, unhealthy
8. scare
9. Device l.10
10. What do some health professionals point out?
11. In spite of being expensive, she bought the car. / In spite of the fact that the car was very expensive, she bought it.
12. ...stopped smoking ...
13. It is believed by scientists that mobile phones are dangerous to our health. / Mobile phones are believed by scientists to be dangerous to our health.

OPTION B: " The day we met"

Possible Answers:

1. ll. 2-3
2. ll.8-9
3. l.11
4. TRUE l. 4
5. TRUE ll. 14-15

6. SHY (l.8)
7. ... complained ABOUT
9. Proposal
10. I started playing chess thirty years ago.
11. The Ministry of Farming organised the agricultural camps excellently.
12. I am looking forward to sseing you.
13. If she hadn't written to me, I wouldn't have met her. (3rd Conditional)

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