Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CoMpaRaTivE and SuPeRLatiVe AdJeCtivEs

Hi, Guys!!!, 

Do you already know how to make Comparative and Superlative Adjectives in English? We use "Comparatives" when we compare 2 things, whereas we use the "Superlatives" when we compare more than 2 things. 

Now, you have to look at these charts where you can learn and review how to make Comparative and Superlative forms of adjectives. Is it clear enough? Then, you can click on the following links to do more exercises!

1. CHART - Comparative & Superlative Adj.

2. autoenglish.org
3. englishexercises.org
4. reformedmonasticism.net (too many exercises + key answers)
5. allinonehomeschool (sentences + key answers)
6. salesianos-triana.com (theory + exercises)
7. macmillaninspiration.com

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