Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How Can I ReaD and WriTe NumBerS in EnGLisH?

How many numbers can you guess form this painting?
Hi, Guys!!!,

Sometimes, you may forget how to read and write numbers in English. It's very simple when you learn it or just refresh your memory. 

To begin with, we should look at these pictures which clearly show how to read and write Cardinal as well as Ordinal Numbers. Then, let's focus on the following numbers and read them carefully, ok?

1) Now, let me give you more examples with bigger numbers:

289 = two hundred eighty nine (In English "HUNDRED" is written in singular).

4,732 = four thousand seven hundred thirty-two
 (In English "THOUSAND" is written in singular)

6,900,712 = six million nine thousand seven hundred twelve  (In English "MILLION" is written in singular)

** IMPORTANT** In English ONE BILLION means 1,000,000,000 (one thousand million) whereas in Spanish One Billion means "One million of million".

2) If someone asks you: When is your birthday? You may answer: 31st December 1998 = the thirty-first of December in nineteen ninety-eight.
So, when you read a date, you must use Ordinal numbers, and when you read a year in English, just divide the number into two cardinal numbers.

3) What about DECIMALS in English?
0.5 =  zero point five
1.03 = one point zero three

1/2 = a half
3/4 =  three quarters
4/13 = four thirteens

5) Positive and Negative Numbers:
(+4) = plus four or positive four
(-8) = minus eight or negative eight

6) What about Phone Numbers?
723 499 100
seven two three (pause) four double nine (pause) one double oh

Now, do you fancy a BINGO? Click here: BINGO (Numbers in English for students) and play!!! 

Learning English is always fun!!!!!

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