Friday, September 2, 2011

Adverbs in English

Hi, Guys!,

An adverb is a modifying part of speech. It ususally describes verbs, ohter  adverbs, adjectives, phrases. 

They are used to describre HOW, WHERE, WHEN, HOW OFTEN and WHY something happens. There are different types of adverbs: Adv. of Manner, Place, Frequency, Purpose and Time.
* It was raining heavily. (adv of Manner)
* I'll see you there! (adv of Place)

* Sometimes, he arrives late. (adv of Freq.)
* She lives in NY to improve her English. (adv of Purpose)
* We'll come back later. (adv of Time)

You can use some adverbs in your compositions, these will become better and enriching.

Now, let's review some Adverbs thanks to Scribd.


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