Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Apps for IPHONE 4 to learn and improve your English

Hi, Guys!, 

Most of you already have an Iphone, because of that, I'd like to show you some free apps, which obviously you can get in App Store,  and they help you to improve and learn English!!!

Take advantage of your Iphone now! I'm going to show you 20 free apps which I've already used and I can recommend you. I hope you'll find them useful and interesting, and once again, thanks to new technologies, you can see there are many different ways to LEARN and PRACTISE your ENGLISH! ;)

Busuu (entertaining and useful).

Prepare for TOEFL (great!!!! I love it!, try yourself).

Gengo Audio Flascards (flascards are practical).

EnglishPod: you can learn and practise your English on-the-go, there are audio-files.

Chat and Practise Your English with Matt: virtual dialogues.

Language Tests to check your English knowledge.

10 minute English (Lite) for intermediate levels learners. This app helps you with grammar, listening, vocabulary,...

LearnEasy: every month you have to learn 30 words, once you have memorised them, there is a test.

Vaughan Radio: radio alive, the first biliguial radio English-Spanish, I like Vaughan's system to help people to speak English.

Word Magic Compact (English-Spanish): dictionary

Trainer EN-ES which helps children to learn English and get familiar with the vocabulary and pronunciation.

English IRREGULAR Verbs (full of tests, very useful).

VocabWIZ TOEFL (practical)

Grammar Up for PHRASAL VERBS (worthwhile)

Grammar express: PREPOSITIONS lite (interesting, you can also find: Grammar Express: TENSES, REP. SPEECH, etc.)

Inglés Cotidiano (common idioms, but in English and Spanish).

English Idioms Illustrated (fantastic).

British SLANG (I like it!, truly interesting).

Advanced English Dictionary

 Learn British-English vocabulary

Finally Learn English (podcasts)

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