Monday, September 12, 2011

Learn English with VAUGHAN (Aprende Inglés con Vaughan) Channel Canal Sur 2 Andalucía (Spain)

Hi, Guys!, 

 Once again, I'm going to talk about Richard Vaughan because not only he's a great wellknown English teacher, but also, he has an excellent method to teach English by means of his podcasts, radio, TV programs, links on YouTube, books such as "Si Quieres, Puedes", ... and now, he has two programs on Andalucian TV (Spain). 

Even more, you can find different levels (from elementary, intermediate to advanced), I think it's fantastic and interesting!
So, if you live in the south of Spain, I encourage you to follow Vaughan's TV programs, I'm sure you'll learn a lot!!! If you are more interested, click on Aprende Inglés on Andalucian TV (= Learn English).

Now, you can watch Common Mistakes Shorts Answers

I hope you'll like and enjoy these programs! :)

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