Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 CommoN ExpreSSionS in EnGlisH

Hi, Guys!,

Learning English idioms or common expressions is a very good way to enlarge your vocabulary. Let's take a look the following expressions which appear on this video.Can you guess their meanings? Have you ever heard them?

1. 24/7 twenty-four seven (every minute of everyday)
2. Get the ball rolling (to sart something)
3. Take it easy (relax)
4. Sleep on it (need time to take a decision)
5. I'm broke (I have no money)
6. Sharp (exactly)
7. Like the back of my hand (you're very familiar with it)
8. Give me a hand (help me)
9. In ages (for a long time)
10. Sick and tired (I don't like it or I hate it)

If you're a teacher, spend 10 min. talking about these common idioms, your students will get more involved 
and learn a lot! SURE ;)

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