Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston, the great voice

Hi, there!,

I'm quite shocked, Whitney Houston, one of the best singers in the world has recently died. Needless to say that she was one of my favourite singer, and I started learning English translating her songs at the language school. Maybe, most of you will never forget her lovely song "I Will Always Love You" and of course, her wonderful voice. 

Whitney Houston was born in 1963 and when she was 11, she began singing in her junior gospel choir in her church in New Jersey. Furthermore, Whitney and her mother sang together in New York city clubs. She released seven albums and sold million of them, undoutedly, she was a great singer, her godmother was Aretha Franklin. 

Besides, she was an actress. Actually, Whitney starred "The Bodyguard", "Waiting to Exhale" and "The Prieacher's Wife". She also recorded their wellknown soundtracks, among others, since Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey sang together in 1998 and they recorded "When You Believe", the main theme of the film "The Prince of Egypt".

Now, do you fancy listening one of her most famous singles?

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