Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bruno Mars

Hi, Girls!,

I know that you like him, BRUNO MARS, who is one of the most popular American singer-songwriter in the world. He's gorgeous, isn't he? 

Bruno Mars, or better said, Peter Gene Hernández, was born on 8th October in 1985, in Honolulu (Hawaii). He grew up in a very musical family, since his father was a percusionist whereas his mother was a singer. By late 2000s, he became successful by writing songs for other popular artists such as K'Naan's "Waving Flag", the theme song for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The same year, 2010, he broke out as a singer with his hit "Nothin' on You". Then, he wrote another hit "Just The Way You Are". Would you like to listen to this now?

If you are more interested, click on here: Bruno Mars

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