Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conditionals (4)

Hi, Guys!,

If you need to practise more ... (I'm being ironic.... hahaha). Anyway, there is more than one possible answer, ok? Good LUCK!!!

CONDITIONALS. Rewrite the following sentences without altering their meaning.
1. If you aren’t on a diet, try the cheesecake. (unless)
Unless you are on a diet, try the cheesecake.
2. Danny wants to lose some weight, but he doesn’t have any will power. (if)
If Danny doesn't have any will power, he won't lose any weight.

3. Sue didn’t mention the tennis game so I didn’t turn up to watch. (if)
If Sue had mentioned the tennis game, I would have turned to watch it.
4. In my opinion, you should drink low-fat milk. (if)
If I were / was you, I would drink low-fat milk.
5. You should have a medical check-up when starting a diet. (if)
If I started on a diet, I'd have a medical check-up when starting a diet.
6. I didn’t buy any vegetables so I couldn’t make a salad. (if)
I would have made a salad if I had bought some vegetables.
7. Paul won’t swim in the pool because there is no lifeguard. (if)
If there is a lifeguard, Paul'll swim in the pool.

8. Peter gets angry with people who don’t take him seriously. (unless)
Peter won't get angry with people unless they take him seriously.

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