Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Passive (3) for Secondary and Upper-Secondary students

Hi, Guys!,

Please, pay attention to the following picture, here you can find an example of passive with two objects! Take a look!

1. My parents and teachers should have given me more freedom.
I should have been given more freedom by my parents and teachers.
2. They allowed me to be more independent.
I was allowed to be more independent.
3. Many people send us a lot of postcards on holidays.
We are sent a lot of postcards on holidays.
4. The thief will kill all the policemen in the factory.
All the policemen will be killed by the thief in the factory.
5. We must treat our listeners with more respect.
Our listeners must be treated with more respect.
6. I’m interviewing a famous actor now.
A famous actor is being interviewied now.
7. He shouldn’t have insulted Mrs Hind.
Mrs Hind shouldn't have been insulted.
8. They interrupted her programme immediately.
Her programme was interrupted immediately.
9. They are always singing all the Beatles’ songs.
All the Beatles' songs are always being sung.
10. The painters painted all the walls very quickly.
All the walls are painted very quickly.
11. The company hadn’t paid us our salary.
We hadn't been paid our salary by the company.
12. I couldn’t spell my own surname when I was five.
My own surname couldn't be spelt when I was five.
13. All the students can speak English and French at school.
English and French can be spoken by all the students at school.
14. We are looking for antiques.
Antiques are being looked for.
15. Alfred Hitchcock directed that film many years ago.
That film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock many years ago.
16. People are destroying large areas of forest everyday.
Large areas of forest are being destroyed everyday.
17. Somebody has bought the land next to our house.
The land next to our house has been bought.
18. Someone had already reported the accident before I phoned.
The accident had already been reported before I phoned.
19. I hope they will have completed all the marking by tomorrow.
I hope all the marking will have been completed by tomorrow.
20. People are using the tennis court, so we couldn’t play.
The tennis court is being used, so we couldnpt play.
21. He introduced me to Andy García in Los Angeles last year.
I was introduced Andy García in Los Angles last year.

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