Thursday, March 4, 2010

Relative Clauses (4)

Hi, Guys!,

This morning, we didn't have enough time to correct all these sentences. So, now you can find the answers here. There may be another possible answer. If the Relative Pronoun appears between brackets, that means we can omit it.

Join the sentences using a Relative Pronoun. Omit it when it is possible.

1. That’s the man. I found his jacket yesterday.
That's the man whose jacket I found yesterday.
2. Here’s the pen. You lost it yesterday.
Here's the pen (which / that) you lost yesterday.
3. Those are the tourists. Their luggage arrived late.
Those are the tourists whose luggage arrived late.
4. They played music at the disco. It was awful. The music…
The music (which / that) they played at the disco was awful.
5. That’s the car. He bought it from Richard.
That's the car (which / that) he bought from Richard.
6. We saw Tom at he cinema. He has got married. Tom ….
Tom, who we saw at the cinema, has got married.
7. I loved the song. They sang it yesterday.
I loved the song (which / that) they sang yesterday.
8. You want to visit a place. It is near here. The place ….
The place (which / that) you want to visit is near here.
9. I visited the Liverpool. We used to live there. I visited ….
I visited Liverpool, where we used to live.
10. The Great Fire of London destroyed a large part of the city. It broke out in 1666.
The Great Fire of London, which broke out in 1666, destroyed a large part of the city.
11. Julius Caesar was a great general. He was also a writer.
Julius Caesar, who was a great general, was also a writer.
12. Who is the girl? You were smiling at her.
Who is the girl (who / that) you were smiling at?

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