Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Passive sentences for Secondary and Upper-Secondary students

Hi, Guys!,

As I told you in class, here you can find many sentences to transform them into Passive. Don't forget to check your answers below, ok?

If you need to review how to transform these sentences, you can see the following webpage:


1. Someone has chosen a winner in the fancy dress competition.
A winner has been chosen in the fancy dress competition.
2. My teacher is always telling funny stories.
Funny stories are always being told by my teacher.
3. They didn’t visit their family last Saturday.
Their family wasn't / weren't visited last Saturday.
4. Somebody may hide the keys.
The keys may be hidden.
5. Karen is looking for her keys.
Her keys are being looked by Karen.
6. Finally, Karen has found her keys.
Finally, her keys have been found by Karen.
7. My mother didn’t buy strawberries.
Strawberries weren't bought by my mother.
8. The children are eating some bars of chocolates.
Some bars of chocolate are being eaten by the children.
9. The suspicious man didn’t burn the house.
The house wasn't burnt / burned by the suspicious man.
10. Picasso didn’t paint The Gioconda.
The Gioconda wasn't painted by Picasso.
11. Leonardo da Vinci painted the Gioconda or the Mona Lisa.
The Gioconda or the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.
12. Parents and children fly kites in the fields outside.
Kites are flown by parents and children in the fields outside.
13. In 1653, Pizarro discovered chocolate in America.
Chocolate was discovered by Pizarro in America in 1653.
14. Later, somebody invented bars and drinks of chocolate.
Bars and drinks of chocolate were invented later.
15. Someday, Henry will make a cake.

A cake will be made by Henry

16. My brother hasn’t locked the door.
The door hasn't been locked by my brother.
17. The machines can clean all the floor.
All the floor can be cleaned by the machines.
18. They mustn’t wash the dishes.
The machines mustn't be washed.
19. He is sweeping the kitchen now.
The kitchen is being swept now.
20. The mechanics have repaired my car.
My car has been repaired by the mechanics.
21. You can add salt to the salad.
Salt can be added to the salad.
22. You must stir the soup.
The soup must be stirred.
23. The inventor was checking the machines.
The machines were being checked.
24. They won’t paint the walls of their house.
The walls of their house won't be painted.
25. The students must finish all these sentences.

All these sentences must be finished by the students.

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