Friday, March 26, 2010


To those of YOU who have heard about SEVILLE, my town, but YOU've never come here...

Seville is very well-known because of its HOLY WEEK. In my town, there are many brotherhoods which represent most passages of Jesus' Passion.

During the Holy Week, processions organised by Hermandades and cofradías are devote brotherhoods to Christ. Wearing long dark robes and tall pointed hoods, nobody can guess the identity of these sinners ("nazarenos" in Spanish)who ask for forgiveness.

Each brotherhood represents a different passage from Jesus' Passion in their floats ("pasos" in Spanish); they also have their own colours, Jesus and Virgin Mary's images; in the processions, all the sinners or "nazarenos" carry candles lightning the way; there are music bands behind the floats; there are many other significant rituals and details that I'm sure you'll see them in these videos. I hope you'll understand our culture, tradition as well as our particular way of celebrating the HOLY WEEK.

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