Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CooKiNg SaLaDs (3)

Hi, Guys!,

Have you ever tried an exotic salad such as this one? Maybe in a restaurant? Well, you can cook it at home, it's not very difficult.

Ingridients (see the photos):
1. Pineapple
2. Prawn
3. Lettuce
4. Palitos de cangrejo
5. Cocktail sauce

Cut the pineapple into two pieces (see the picture). "Mine" the pineapple and cut it into small pieces. Peel the prawns. Chop all ingridients.

In a bowl, mix them with cocktail sauce, and then, put into the pineapple. You'd better see the first photo.

Finally, you have to
put it in the fridge until it is served.

PS. Enjoy your meal ;-)

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